19th century aboriginal carved emu egg on silver plate stand

19th century Aboriginal carved emu egg on silver plate stand.



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19th century Aboriginal carved emu egg showing many different birds, mounted on bespoke attractive silverplate stand by Dixon and Sons, excellent maker, which displays the egg and allows all the decoration to be viewed.
The intricate and skillful many layered carving shows the different layers and colours of the egg. These carvings were popular in the mid to late 19th century, when it was also customary for silversmiths to make ornate stands to hold them.
The pictures of important animals in Aboriginal life are created by scratching, scraping and carving away the different layers revealing colours of brown, grey, and blue, and creating three dimensional carvings with degrees of shading and a sense of perspective.
The deeper one carves, the paler the colour.
A very unusual collectable, and excellent talking point.
In this example the egg has been damaged and restored in the past, but is still very attractive and makes a great display. The stand is perfect.
7.5 inches high total.
We had two of these eggs, one undamaged and one restored. We have just sold the undamaged example for £195.00.
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