19th century oil painting modelled on the poet william cowper with eccentric subject mounted in lovely old ornate gilt frame

19th century oil painting modelled on the poet William Cowper, with eccentric subject, mounted in lovely old ornate gilt frame.



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19th century unusual oil on canvas painting, mounted in very nice ornate gilt wood frame. The painting does not appear to be signed, and the artist is unknown.
The subject is an absent minded or eccentric man in night clothes intending to boil an egg over the fire, and time it with his watch, while passing the time reading, but actually boils his watch, and times it with the egg he holds in his hand! The subject is reportedly William Cowper (1731-1800) the poet, and the artist is unknown. William Cowper was one of the most popular 18th century English poets, who changed the direction of poetry in that era, by writing about everyday life and scenes of the countryside. He was also a severe manic depressive, and spent time in asylums.
This may be after a painting by Theodore Lane entitled Mathematical Abstraction, of the same theme. He painted themes of domestic whimsy and eccentricity. His paintings are on exhibit at the Tate Gallery.
Supporting collectors magazine articles are attached to the back of the painting.
Other points of interest in this painting are the displays of collectable objects in still life form on the table and mantel, as well as the very detailed cooking fire showing the watch chain with at least three jewelled seals dangling from the pot.
Size overall-18 inches wide by 21 inches high by 2.25 inches deep.
Size of canvas only-14 1/8 inches wide by 18 1/8 inches high.
A very nice and quirky oil painting, which would look lovely in any room, and might be particularly appealing or appropriate for antique collectors.
A great talking point.
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