birmingham 1909 solid silver photograph frame with royal artillery military interest by famed makers sampson mordan and company

Birmingham 1909 solid silver photograph frame with Royal Artillery military interest, by famed makers SAMPSON MORDAN AND COMPANY.



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Birmingham 1909 English hallmarked solid silver lovely glazed photograph frame by famed makers Sampson Mordan and Co, and having the original solid wood back and easel stand.
The lovely frame is surmounted with a Royal Artillery Regiment brass cap badge, and the frame contains the photo of the unknown owner wearing the full uniform with cap. This may possibly have been made bespoke to memorialise him after his death in service.
With the assistance of the Royal Artillery Library, I have discovered that this gentleman was a member of the Royal Regiment of Artillery, and from the spurs, bandolier and crop he would have served as a Driver. The Driver was a soldier trained in the management and use of horses, one of the most important functions in the battery. At the time this photo would have been taken, the regiment was larger than the Royal Navy, and he would have likely been serving in India.
The badge depicts the Royal arms and supporters with a cannon and the motto in Latin which translates to "Everywhere Whither Right and Glory Lead." The gun depicted on the cap badge is a 9pdr Rifled Muzzle Loader of about 1871, and the rammer used to ram the charge into the muzzle is also seen, to the left of the carriage wheel.
This style of the uniform was only used from 1908-1924, which fits with the date of the frame.
Lovely on its own, the frame becomes even more interesting with the provenance and photo.
This frame is in very good condition, and made by a much sought after maker. It would appeal to collectors of militaria as well as silver collectors.
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