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18th century Dutch hand wrought brass oval engraved tobacco box.
18th century (before 1750) Dutch hand wrought oval brass tobacco box with all over engraving, and profound textual expression.
Dutch makers specialised in engraved boxes with common subjects such as humorous scenes of smoking, drinking, sports, domestic life, ships and sailors. The Netherlands was one of the biggest traders in tobacco and related products.
Both lid and base are engraved with scenes flanked by text, and outlined by moulded bands.
The text reads:
Eerder met een span
is oost en west te raken
als dat men alle man
kan pas en maken
This translates to:
It is easier to connect east and west with a bow than to satisfy everyone.
The balance of the box is all over engraved with lines and feathered decoration.
The hinge is strong and very decorative, and the box closes firmly.
Size-5.5 inches long by 3 inches wide by 1.5 inches high.
This tobacco box is a very good size and weight, having a thick gauge of brass, and no damage or repairs. The centre portion of the engraving is a bit worn from age and use. The colour and patina is beautiful, and feels wonderful to hold.
A great addition for the collector of brass, boxes, novelty items or antique smoking requisites.
In very good overall condition, this is a lovely example of an early tobacco box.
Ref: 5664
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19th century Victorian Swaine Adeney leather hunting saddle canteen with original contents.
Swaine Adeney Victorian complete leather hunting saddle canteen lined with doeskin, and having an internal partition dividing the contents. The contents include the original silver plate bayonet topped rectangular glass spirit flask, as well as the original double hinged silver plate sandwich case with pull ring. These canteens were attached to the side of the saddle and used during hunting pursuits.
Swaine Adeney is a very well known luxury maker of leather and equestrian goods, still in business for the last 250 years, and warranted by the Royal Family.
The mahogany coloured leather case has a lovely patina, and is lined with tan doeskin, has the original straps and buckles and D ring to side. The flask has the makers mark of John Dixon and Sons, while the sandwich box bears the Swaine Adeney stamp. The flask is in very good condition, as is the sandwich case apart from some corrosion on part of the exterior back mainly. The flask has been tested, and it is absolutely watertight. It holds about 140 ml of liquid.
Size-5.75 inches by 5.5 inches by 1.75 inches deep (not including straps).
Size of sandwich box is 4 5/8 inches long by 3 1/8 inches wide by 1.25 inches deep .
Size of flask is a generous 4 7/8 inches long including cap, (4 inches high without cap) by 2 inches wide by 1.5 inches deep.
A lovely and interesting item appealing to antique leather, equestrian and hunting enthusiasts.
In overall very good condition.
Ref: 5688
This item has been sold

Circa 1810 Regency period elegant and stylish pair of Rococo gilt ormolu candlesticks.
Circa 1810 Regency period lovely pair of Rococo ormolu gilt candlesticks with beautiful cast design of flowers and acanthus leaves, and having detachable sconces.
A lovely and functional pair that may once possibly have been used as lamps, and could do so again if desired, as wire could run through the centre hole on the inside under the candle and out under the base, without any alterations being necessary. So it would be completely invisible on the outside. Can be arranged to be wired for you, if required.
These are heavy, at over 2.2 kilos together.
Size-10.25 inches tall by 5 inches wide.
A really lovely pair to use as candlesticks or potential lamp bases, with very attractive patina, and beautiful quality. They are in very good condition, and will be striking statement pieces for any table.
Ref: 5684
This item has been sold

Birmingham 1901 solid silver pin cushion in coronation chair form by HOLLAND AND ALDWINCKLE, famous makers, and with the original cushion.
Birmingham 1901 English hallmarked solid silver pin cushion, made by famous makers Holland and Aldwinckle, with very clear hallmarks.
Beautifully modelled in coronation chair form, with high pointed back, the chair stands on a base guarded by a lion to each corner. The detail is lovely, with pierced work, and the textured effect of carved wood.
The leather covered pin cushion is original to the piece.
Weighs 35 grams without cushion.
Size-3 inches high by 1.6 inches wide by 1 inch deep.
Very collectable and still functional for its original purpose.
A lovely example for the collector of novelty silver, and in very good condition.
Ref: 5063
This item has been sold

20thC set of 6 wheelback chairs in very good condition.
20th century set of 6 very sturdy and comfortable wheelback chairs for use with a dining table. The set is comprised of 2 carvers and 4 single chairs.
An photo showing one of each chair is pictured.
In very good condition to go with any table.
Excellent value.
Ref: 5291
This item has been sold

19thC Victorian figured walnut fall front fitted stationary box.
19th century Victorian figured walnut unusually shaped fall front fitted stationary casket, with silk lined interior, which includes stationary from the House of Lords.
This box came from a large home in Sussex, where antiques had been collected for many years.
It is in wonderful original condition, and comes with the original key.
Size-11 inches wide by 3.25 inches deep by 5.75 inches high.
Ref: 5281
This item has been sold

London 1966 superior quality English hallmarked heavy solid silver box, by famous makers MAPPIN AND WEBB.
London 1966 very unusual and superior quality English hallmarked solid silver rectangular box with applied gold initials and thumb piece by very famous makers Mappin and Webb.
Made in a very heavy gauge of silver, with full length piano hinge to top lid, and raised on stylish stepped feet.
Size-8 inches wide by 3.25 inches deep, by 1 inch high.
Weight-470 grams!
This is a superb desk or dressing table tidy to hold supplies or jewellery for either a man or woman.
Very heavy and superbly crafted, it is a truly striking solid silver box which will look very impressive on desk or table.
In very good condition, very stylish and functional, and made by famous makers.
A truly stunning box, sure to impress when displayed on table, desk or dressing table. It would make a wonderful gift, or a treat for yourself.
Ref: 2048
This item has been sold

Birmingham 1989 solid silver superb and heavy superior quality engraved card case.
Birmingham 1989 superior quality engraved English hallmarked solid silver card case weighing a very heavy 110 grams.
Beautiful cushion shape. Leaf engraved sides surround alternating bands of striped engraving. There is also a blank cartouche within the design on one side which would be suitable for initials if desired.
The hinged lid opens from the top, and closes securely.
Lovely for business cards, making a great purchase or gift for a man or a woman.
Size-2 7/8 inches wide by 3 7/8 inches long.
A superb example in excellent condition.
Ref: 5323
This item has been sold

19th century Victorian upholstered chair with handworked original tapestry needlework cover, signed by artist.
19th century Victorian upholstered chair on turned legs with original castors.
Sprung seat and curved back later upholstered in original handworked needlepoint tapestry covering with velvet backing, signed by artist, Audrey Randall, and dated 1967.
The very striking pattern of birds and flowers is beautifully executed to seat and back, and is done on a neutral background, to go with any decorating scheme.
Size-32.5 inches high, by 19 inches wide.
A very unusual and comfortable chair, in very good condition.
Ref: 5342
This item has been sold

Early 20th century sterling silver gilt and enamel boxed set of 12 cocktail sticks designed in the form of cockerels.
Gorgeous early 20th century sterling silver gilt and enamel set of 12 cocktail sticks or fruit picks, designed in the form of cockerels.
These very elegant sticks have 6 different pairs of hand decorated cockerels. They are set into the original beautiful gilt embellished blue fan shaped case, with silk and velvet lining, opening with two doors, and having two gilt latches.
The stunning enamel colours of the well modeled cockerels, stand out beautifully against the silver gilt sticks.
Size-3 3/8 inches long by 5/8 inches wide.
These would make a very useful and lovely gift for someone who entertains, or for the silver collector.
Both the sticks and case are in excellent condition.
Ref: 5339
This item has been sold

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