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Sheffield 1937 solid silver superb and unusual brandy saucepan.
Sheffield 1937 English hallmarked solid silver heavy brandy sauce pan or brandy warmer made by Cooper Brothers and Sons. This is used to warm brandy before pouring it into the brandy glass. Most civilised!
Beautifully made, in a very heavy gauge of silver, this has a lovely turned wood handle, a pouring lip, and a couple of graceful engraved lines near the bottom of the pan. A classic design.
Weight-155 grams.
Size-5.5 inches wide by 3 inches high by 3.25 inches diameter.
Usually found in pewter or silverplate, this solid silver saucepan is for the brandy enthusiast, or is a perfect gift for the person who has everything. Also useful for warming butter, sauces, hot milk, and gravy.
A unique gift, which is also very functional and a great value.
In very good condition.
See Waterford crystal pair of brandy glasses listing if desired. They would make a fine accessory to this saucepan.
Ref: 5466
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19thC unusual mahogany campaign folding and flat storing two piece card or games table.
19th century small mahogany unusual folding campaign style two piece card table. The mahogany top clips on top of the folding ebonised "x" frame. It then folds open to reveal a baize lined top. When not needed, both pieces detach and fold away totally flat to allow storage in a cupboard, under a bed or sofa, or for travel use.
The frame includes an ivory lable for maker J.H. Lasbrey of Uttoxeter.
Size-open: 25 inches square by 25.5 inches high.
Please note that the height for this type of table is lower than a fixed card table. Larger more conventional card, tea or games tables are also available if desired.
This makes a very practical and convenient table for games, serving food or drinks, or occasional use.
With replaced baize, this unusual antique table is in very good condition, and is a great value.
Ref: 4598
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Sheffield 1902 stunning solid silver beautifully decorated crumb scoop by HENRY ATKIN, famous maker.
Sheffield 1902 superb Edwardian period English hallmarked solid silver crumb scoop or crumber by famous maker Harry Atkin.
Made in a very thick gauge of silver, and quite heavy, the scoop and stem are crafted in one piece and beautifully decorated with feather edging, with a deep foliate engraved pattern to the scoop section. Tasteful scrolled initials are found on the top of the stem.
This dinner table accessory was originally made and used during the Victorian period for the servants to use before the dessert course to scoop crumbs from the dining table using the flat part of the blade, and can still be used for that purpose. The curved portion of the blade retained the crumbs for disposal. How impressive it would be to use for a dinner party, or for use at a fine restaurant! Now also used by some for fish, serving shellfish, slicing and serving sheet cake, etc.
It is very unusual to find solid silver examples, as most are silver plate, and even more unusual to find one made in all one piece with a solid silver handle, as most had ivory, bone or horn handles.
Size-13 inches long by 3 inches wide.
Weight-very heavy at 260 grams.
Considering the value of just the scrap weight of this piece, this is a wonderful value, as silver prices continue to soar.
An unusual and very substantial and weighty piece in very good condition with very clear hallmarks, by a very collectable maker.
It would be wonderful to own or give as a gift to a silver collector, as these are no longer made. It is a remarkable survivor of the Victorian formal dining period where every implement had a purpose, and manners were paramount.
Ref: 5434
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Circa 1890 French walnut serpentine shape top cupboard with marble top and interior in the Louis XV style.
Circa 1890 lovely French walnut cupboard finished on all sides with interesting quarter veneered panels, fluted corners, and leaf and shell accents. The serpentine shaped top and the complete interior of the cupboard are marble. There is one drawer over the cupboard.
Lovely original hinges are mounted on the door, while the whole stands on graceful cabriole legs, with the original castors (often missing on other examples).
As it is finished on all sides, this piece can be used where the back is visible in the centre of a room, or as a bedside cupboard, or lamp table.
Size-15.5 inches square by 32.5 inches high.
Similar pieces can be sourced to make a matched pair if needed.
A lovely functional and decorative piece in very good condition.
Ref: 5618
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Birmingham 1908 solid silver profusely engraved cigar case made by G. Loveridge.
Birmingham 1908 English hallmarked solid silver lovely quality cigar box or case, heavily engraved all over with foliate and bright cut engraving to both sides.
Maker G. Loveridge and Co.
This case is quite large and very good quality with a heavy weight and gauge of silver.
The reverse side of the case has a graceful curve that is meant to fit comfortably against the body when carrying. The case opens with a full length hinge.
Within a large lozenge shaped border is a very attractive engraved monogram, and the date 1909.
Weight-150 grams.
Size-4.75 inches long by 3 3/8 inches wide by 7/8 inches deep.
A very nice example of a cigar case, that is still useful for its original purpose, or for business cards, photos or carrying whatever you like.
Given as a gift exactly 100 years ago, this would make an excellent gift to celebrate an important occasion.
In very good condition.
We have another similar one in inventory, not yet uploaded, and a three section one that can be seen online. Please check enquire, or check www.serpentineantiques.co.uk for the listings.

Ref: 5478
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A lovely famous maker oviform vase having stunning fluted cut glass decoration, made by ST. LOUIS CRYSTAL, world famous French glass house.
St. Louis crystal French oviform fluted vase , with alternating deep cut glass bands that echo and enhance the bulbous form.
A very heavy and fine quality vase to use or display, in very good condition, and having etched makers mark to base.
St. Louis Cristallerie is the oldest glass house in France, having been established in 1586. They are known for producing glass of the highest quality, and for their precision cutting.
Size-8.25 inches high, by 6.5 inches wide.
Weight-3.6 kilos.
A beautiful piece.
Ref: 5600
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Circa 1800 solid mahogany country made lovely Georgian period pierced back Chippendale type chair with drop in hand needleworked seat.
Circa 1800 solid mahogany country made Chippendale type chair with beautifully pierced back, and elegantly shaped top rail, standing on square chamfered legs united by stretchers. The drop in seat is covered with a neutral hand worked needlepoint seat having a central floral pattern.
With wonderful patina and colour.
Size-37.25 inches from floor to top of chair back, seat height approximately 17.25 inches from floor, seat width approximately 20 inches.
A lovely period chair, which would look great in any room, or with a desk, dressing table or secretaire.
In very good condition.
Ref: 5601
This item has been sold

19th century Victorian mahogany upholstered nursing chair.
19th century lovely mahogany and upholstered nursing chair with fully reupholstered seat and top rail, elegantly carved and curving mahogany back and standing on carved cabriole legs with the original ceramic castors.
The top rail curves for the back, and the chair is very comfortable and decorative, covered in a luxurious designer fabric.
This is a wonderful occasional chair, child's chair or decorative seat near the fireplace.
A very nice example of the Victorian era, in very good condition.
Ref: 5602
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19thC lovely solid alabaster carved plaque with relief design of putti and lion.
19th century lovely solid alabaster carved plaque having a relief design of 4 putti, one astride a lion, in a scene with trees and branches.
The plaque is rectangular, and stands alone upright on a tapered base, or is suitable for mounting on a wall as a central focal point within tiles or alone.
Size- 15.5 inches wide by 9 inches high. Base is 1.25 inches deep and top is .75 inches deep.
Very well modelled anatomically, and an interesting and decorative piece.
A lovely plaque in very good condition.
Ref: 5626
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Superior quality bright cut engraved fish service for 12 people in solid oak fitted canteen by WILLIAM HUTTON AND SONS, fine makers.
Circa 1900 fine quality bright cut engraved silver plate fish service canteen for 12 people comprising 12 beautifully shaped forks, plus 12 slice shaped knives, with exquisite period engraving to all pieces.
The gauge of the cutlery is heavy, and well balanced in the hand, and the design is very stylish.
The pieces are contained in the original solid oak fitted canteen, having a vacant brass cartouche to the lid, and also retaining the original key.
Size-fork 7 inches long. Knife 8.25 inches long. Case overall is 14.5 inches wide by 10.5 inches deep by 2.5 inches high.
Weight-3 kilos inclusive of case.
Made by William Hutton and Sons, well known makers of silver and silver plate.
While still used for their original purpose as fish eaters, these are also lovely to use with pate or cheese or whatever you wish.
All cutlery and case are in very good condition, a lovely example.
An excellent gift, or a beautiful and functional canteen for personal use.
Several sets of fish servers as well as individual slices are also listed separately.
A similarly shaped and cased set of sterling silver servers comprising a fork and a slice, by Mappin and Webb are available if you wish to add to the set.
Ref: 5634
This item has been sold

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