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Rare 19th century solid walnut, etched glass, and bronze fire screen with adjustable doors.
Very rare 19th century solid walnut adjustable glass firescreen with Greek key design etched glass side doors and a clear glass central panel. Surmounted with a carved walnut arched top, the doors can remain closed or open straight for use as a room divider, or open at any angle to accommodate various fire openings. The whole stands securely on bronze feet.
A very unusual and beautiful screen in very good condition, the wood in a very warm colour.
Size-48 inches tall by 27 inches wide closed, and maximum 54 inches wide with doors fully opened. Width of the feet are 14.5 inches.
A very decorative as well as functional piece. It can be used to section off a conversation area or to divide a room, or for its original purpose in front of the fire. Also, it is a very decorative piece even on its own, to be the focal point of the room.
The ultimate in recycling, buying and using antique furniture is a beautiful and functional way to start an heirloom collection for your family.
I have never seen another similar to this one.
Ref: 2005
Price: £445

Lovely hallmarked sterling silver and cut glass biscuit box or barrel made by famous makers James Dixon and Sons.
Very pretty Sheffield 1934 English hallmarked solid silver and cut glass swing handled biscuit box or barrel by famous makers James Dixon and Sons.
The hallmarks are clear and also include the special mark commemorating the silver jubilee of George V and Queen Mary.
It is unusual to find such items with solid silver mounts, as biscuit barrels are most often found in silver plate, many at higher prices than this sterling silver one! This example has heavy gauged generous mounts with a pull off lid with impressive finial and wide band with swing handle. All silver parts are properly hallmarked including the nut holding the finial to the lid.
The cut glass barrel is beautifully cut with a combination of bands of leafy slices and diamonds, which catch the light perfectly.
Size-8.5 inches high to top of handle or 5.5 inches high without handle by 5.5 inches wide.
Weight-955 grams.
With two little flea bites to the glass and one tiny mark to the silver band, it is in very good condition overall.
A lovely heavy piece in seldom found solid silver and cut glass, made by well known makers. It is very useful for biscuits, dressing table or vanity items, and is a really wonderful value of its kind.
An imposing piece for the table, which would also make a wonderful gift.
Ref: 5978
Price: £445

Pristine world famous quality St Louis French crystal thistle gold pattern gilt embellished ice bucket or wine cooler.
Stunning St. Louis French crystal mouth blown, hand cut and engraved ice bucket or wine chiller with 24kt gilt embellishment and detachable gilt metal swing handle and rim, in the coveted Thistle Gold pattern.
The pattern has a beautifully cut glass body, leafy engraving as well as an open gilt border to the rim.
Cristallerie-St. Louis is the world famous glass house in France, makers of the finest crystal and suppliers to French kings. Active as glass makers since 1586, they have been recognised for their superior craftsmanship. This pattern, first made in 1913, is one of the Cristallerie's most exclusive patterns. It has graced many Presidential dinner tables for official occasions. Each piece takes 25 days to make; 10 glass blowers shape the piece, and then 15 other specialists hand cut, engrave and decorate it. The fine 24kt gold pattern is painted on with a small brush and then fired and polished with agate stone.
This is a heavy and beautifully cut piece that will be the star of a dining table or bar, or make a unique gift.
The acid etched mark for St. Louis Crystal France, is found on the base.
Size-4.75 inches high without handle and 7.5 inches high including handle by 4 5/8 inches outside diameter, and 3 7/8 inches inside diameter. Interior depth is 4 inches.
Weight-1.95 kilos.
Saint Louis glass pieces, made by master craftsmen, are as elegant and traditional today, as they have been for centuries.
This opulent and breathtakingly beautiful piece will hold ice cubes or a bottle of wine for chilling.
See listings for a matching champagne saucer/tall sherbet glass in this same pattern, as well as a special St. Louis goblet in a cut and engraved pattern.
In very good condition, and a wonderful value at 445.00.
Retail value is 800.00-900.00 if it is even possible to find other available examples.
This would make a treasured gift and a wonderful treat for yourself.
Ref: 5955
Price: £445

Sheffield hallmarked solid silver 13 piece dessert or fruit service canteen by well known maker Emile Viner, presented in the original case.
Sheffield 1938 English hallmarked solid silver 13 piece canteen of dessert or fruit spoons and forks by well known maker Emile Viner, in the original fitted case, and retailed by Viner's as well, with some pieces later hallmarked.
Comprises 6 dessert forks, 6 dessert spoons, and a serving spoon. The stems have a threaded edge with a pointed end, a style very evocative of the 30's and 40's, and most popular today with contemporary interiors.
Weight-a weighty 430 grams, silver only. Weight with case for shipping, approximately 1 kilo.
Size-forks, 5.75 inches long; spoons, 5.4 inches long by 1.5 inch wide bowls; serving spoon, 8.25 inches long by 2.5 inch wide bowl.
All are in very good condition, including the original fitted case.
These are a wonderful value as well as a practical item to use or give as a gift. With the soaring prices of solid silver, this canteen represents an excellent investment, even just considering the weight for scrap value alone.
We have many other individual and sets of spoons in inventory, so please contact us with your requirements.
Ref: 5171
Price: £395

19thC bronze and champleve enamel table box, from collection of BELINDA GENTLE.
19th century likely Continental bronze and champleve enamel table box purchased at the sale at Belinda Gentle's home after her death in 2005. She was an internationally famous antique dealer and author of the main texts on antique metalwork.
Her husband Rupert, was the author of Domestic Metalwork, the authoritative book on the subject, which she updated and revised after his death.
The Belinda Gentle metalware gallery at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London is named after her. She was a lifetime student and dealer in antique brass and associated metalwork.
This was purchased from her personal collection in her home in 2005 when she died. See also the gilt eagle on stand for another listing from her collection purchased at that sale.
It is a large and strikingly lovely table box with aesthetic scrolled designs in enamel to the four panels on the hinged top and above each leg.
Size-6.25 inches wide by 4.5 inches deep by 3.5 inches high.
In very good original condition, with a wonderful patina to the bronze, this would be an beautiful decorative accessory, or most useful on a desk or dressing table.
Ref: 4304
Price: £395

London 1733 George II fine solid silver marrow scoop.
London 1733 English hallmarked solid silver early Georgian marrow scoop in very good condition, made shortly after George II was crowned.
English sterling silver is very accurate to date due to their renowned hallmarking system.
The scoop is double ended, with a wider scoop at one end originally used for extracting marrow from large bones, and a narrower one at the other, for smaller bones.
It is still a useful piece for scooping marrow out, such as for Osso Bucco, and also of great interest to the collector of small silver.
An elegant present now also used today to scoop condiments out of tall jars, as a novelty drink mixer/swizzle stick, or for serving thick sauces.
Size-8.5 inches long.
Weight- 50 grams.
A wonderful piece for the collector of interesting silver pieces, or of early 18th century silver.
A fine example, with deep and very clear hallmarks (only the makers mark is rubbed), and with great age at nearly 287 years old!
A fine piece of unusual 18th century silver.

Ref: 4880
Price: £375

Early 20thC rare 18 carat solid gold cigarette or cheroot holder and original case.
Early 20th century rare 18 carat solid gold long horn shaped cigarette or cheroot holder including the original pouch case.
A beautifully crafted, and engraved holder. Very stylish in shape.
A lovely piece for the collector of small novelty gold items, smoking collectables, or a smoker.
Marked 18 carat.
Weight-10 grams.
Size-4.5 inches long by .5 inches exterior diameter at end. Maximum interior diameter is 5/16 inches.
With only a couple of very tiny marks on the side of the horn, this very elegant and unusual holder is in very good, nearly as new condition.
18 carat gold is selling for top prices even at scrap value making this a wonderful investment as precious metal prices continue to soar. It is also a lovely collectable piece, evocative of an era long past.
Presently at only fractionally above the price of scrap gold, this would make a great investment to hold as its worth continues to increase, as well as an iconic collectable! A great value for a beautifully crafted item in precious 18 carat gold, with its original case.
Ref: 4604
Price: £375

Stunning large solid silver standing dressing table mirror.
Large London 1984 English hallmarked solid silver dressing table or vanity mirror in the Victorian style, with all over scrolling foliate design, and with the original bevelled glass mirror. It is surmounted with a vacant cartouche, suitable for engraving if desired. The back is covered with velvet. The whole stands on an easel back.
Made by Keyford Frames Ltd.
With beautiful overall shape and oval centre, the mirror is classic and lovely.
Size-13 inches high by 9 5/8 inches wide.
Weight-740 grams overall.
A tall and impressive, elegant and functional piece in very good condition.
This would make a lovely piece to use or to give as a gift to a very special person. It will accent any dressing table beautifully, and become a lovely focal point to the room.
It is also a wonderful piece for a retail shop to use.
Also see similar smaller Britannia standard heart shaped and angel decoration standing mirror recently added.
Ref: 5902
Price: £375

A fine Birmingham 1905 hallmarked solid silver triple cigar case of torpedo form made by George Edwin Walton.
Fine Birmingham 1905 English hallmarked solid silver triple cigar case made by George Edwin Walton of Birmingham, and Hatton Garden, London.
This lovely cigar case has profuse all over bright cut engraving in a leaf and scroll design on both sides of the case. There is a blank cartouche on one side for personalisation if desired.
The interior has the original gilt interior and elasticated retention band, and the hallmarks are well struck and clear.
The case is strong and secure, and it closes tightly and springs open properly with the sprung push button.
This type of cigar case is very popular and most attractive.
It is a really lovely and unusually heavy case, beautifully made and engraved, and without damage.
Size-5.25 inches long by 2.5 inches wide by .75 inches deep.
Weight-120 grams or approximately 4 troy ounces.
In very good condition.
Perfect for the collector of novelty silver, or the cigar enthusiast.
It would make a wonderful gift.
Ref: 5647
Price: £375

Circa 1905 fine quality and unusual sterling silver set of 12 menu or place card holders.
Circa 1905 American sterling silver set of 12 arched form menu, name or place card holders made by the Schofield Company of Baltimore, Maryland. American sterling silver is .925 fine, exactly the same as English silver content.
It is very unusual to get a full set of 12 menu or card holders, which will accommodate a large dinner party.
These arch form holders have a combination of smooth and matt engraved detail to the arched shape.
Size-1 3/8 inches long by just over .75 inches high.
Weight-80 grams.
A lovely and unusual set in very good condition, which will look elegant and stylish on the dining table.
A set as large as this is very difficult to find. I have never seen another.
Ref: 6062
Price: £375

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