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London 1823 Georgian hallmarked solid silver pair of sauce ladles made by George Pearson.
London 1823 English hallmarked Georgian period solid silver pair of fiddle pattern sauce or gravy ladles with egg shaped bowls, made by George Pearson.
Size-6.5 inches long.
Weight- heavy at 125 grams.
Very clear hallmarks. It is unusual to find a nice pair of Georgian ladles.
With very good weight and gauge of silver, colour and condition, this is a beautiful and most functional pair, and would make a lovely gift or a treat for yourself.
The fiddle pattern is very complimentary to other silver patterns as well.
Ref: 0776
Price: £235

Sheffield 1937 solid silver hallmarked wonderful quality large and heavy Art Deco period pair of napkin rings in the original fitted case.
Sheffield 1937 very unusual English hallmarked solid silver Art Deco napkin rings, made by Cooper Brothers and Sons, in the original treasure chest shaped fitted case. Excellent quality.
These large and remarkably heavy rings are oval in shape, and made in a very thick gauge of silver, with all over engraving, and with a very iconic geometric shaped blank cartouche, suitable for personalising if desired.
The unusual fitted case is shaped like a treasure chest, and lined with silk and velvet.
Size-2 1/8 inches long by 1 1/8 inches high.
Weight-130 grams silver only, 185 grams with case.
At 65 grams each, these are remarkable in their silver weight, as most heavy napkin rings are around 20 grams each!
A really lovely heavy and iconic pair of napkin rings, in a unique style fitted case, and in very good condition.
They would make a fabulous gift, or a special treat for yourself.
Also see other cased and uncased pairs,on my personal website, www.serpentineantiques.co.uk.
Ref: 5841
Price: £235

Sheffield 1894 Victorian solid silver absolutely exquisite large childs Christening set by famous Art Nouveau period silversmith JOHN ROUND.
Magnificent Sheffield 1894 Victorian English hallmarked solid silver large Christening or child's set of cutlery by famous maker John Round, in the original lovely Victorian fitted case.
John Round was known for his fine Art Nouveau designs and craftsmanship.
The original period leather case is monogrammed DMS and dated on the outside of the lid for the day it was presented to the original owner in 1895. The interior of the case is a striking aubergine coloured silk and velvet.
The two pieces of silver, appearing to never have been used, are just stunning. The set consists of a spoon and fork beautifully all over engraved on both sides with a decoration of ginkgo leaves, a primitive species which preceded dinosaurs! Ginkgo leaves are often used for decorating antiques, as they are symbolic of longevity and hope. Both the decoration and the hallmarks are crisp and beautifully executed. There are delicate scrolled initials DMS in script on the front side of the stem, with a blank cartouche on the reverse.
Weight-100 grams.
Size-spoon, 7 inches long by 1.5 inches wide. Fork, 6 5/8 inches long by 7/8 inches wide.
A beautifully made and unique set of silver, heavy in weight, with a thick gauge of silver and in a larger more impressive size than normally found. The set is made by a famous maker and comes fitted into the original case.
An excellent Victorian example of superior quality.
In very good condition, this would make a wonderful and special Christening or baby gift, or a gift for a child to keep forever.
Ref: 5512
Price: £235

20th century set of 7 Waterford Lismore pattern white wine glasses.
Lovely 20th century famous Waterford Irish crystal set of 7 white wine glasses, in the Lismore pattern with beautiful cut glass bodies, cut stems, and star cut bases. Lismore is one of the oldest and most iconic Waterford cut glass patterns.
Waterford is known for its fine quality and clarity, and superb glass cutting.
The size is suitable for port or sherry as well.
Size-5.25 inches tall by 2 1/8 inches diameter.
Weight-1135 grams total,
A beautiful and heavy set of glasses, made by a famous maker, in very good condition.
A wonderful addition to the bar, or drinks cabinet, or excellent to keep on a silver tray in a gentleman's study.
Several suitable cut glass decanters are also available if desired.
Ref: 6027
Price: £225

Birmingham 1952 very interesting solid silver and ebony St John Ambulance swagger stick.
Birmingham 1952 English hallmarked solid silver and ebony swagger stick from the St John Ambulance Brigade. It is an organisation that is the a leading first aid provider, teaching first aid and providing volunteer emergency care support to the NHS ambulance services.
Swagger sticks are ceremonial sticks coming from a military ranking tradition, carried and used in parades and drills. As, the St John Ambulance Brigade was organised similarly in a hierarchical structure of command, it would have been carried by an officer when in formal uniform, as a symbol of rank, for parades and drills and on ceremonial occasions.
The solid silver handle of the swagger stick contains the applied 8 point Maltese cross, the emblem of the Brigade, while the plain tip is also solid silver. Both pieces are clearly hallmarked. The silver maker was Frederick Narborough of Birmingham, maker of whip and swagger stick mounts. The ebony stick retains a lovely colour and patina, and has just a slight bow to the stick centre.
Appearing to have had little use in its lifetime, and then only for ceremonial purposes, this is in very good condition.
Size-27.75 inches long by .75 inches diameter.
Weight-60 grams.
An impressive piece for desk, table, or to place in a stick stand, and quite a talking point.
A good stick for the collector of swagger sticks, or someone interested in the emergency medical services or St John Ambulance collectables.
Ref: 6010
Price: £195

Cast solid silver cased fruit or cocktail sticks in original fitted case.
English hallmarked Birmingham 1966 solid silver seal topped set of 6 cocktail or fruit sticks in the original fitted case, made by Bishton's Ltd of Northampton St. in Birmingham .
The design features cast silver Dickens characters and long twisted sticks.
Wonderful to use at the bar to spear olives and onions for drinks, or to serve with fruit or cheese.
Size-approx. 3.5 inches long.
Weight-60 grams silver only, and 200 grams with case.
A lovely set in very good condition.
Please also see another listed set of silver gilt cast cockerel topped cocktail sticks in case on www.serpentineantiques.co.uk.
Ref: 5958
Price: £195

Sheffield 1957 very unusual solid silver combination letter opener and pen knife by famous makers Mappin and Webb.
Sheffield 1957 English hallmarked solid silver very unusual combination letter opener and pen knife made by famous makers Mappin and Webb, known for excellent quality.
This lovely piece has an engine turned engraved knife portion having a stainless blade, and an angled long letter opener. One side of the knife bears the original owner's initials within a cartouche.
The hallmarks are very clear.
Size-9.25 inches long by .75 inches wide closed.
Weight-60 grams.
An excellent and very functional gift, or a lovely piece to keep on a desk or table.
With one line mark near the tip of the knife, this is in very good condition overall.
Ref: 6037
Price: £195

Dublin 1824 set of four Irish solid silver teaspoons made by Samuel Neville.
Dublin 1824, George IV period Irish hallmarked solid silver set of 4 teaspoons in the Fiddle Pattern with typical Irish rattail to the bowl.
Made by Samuel Neville, flatware maker.
A nice set of spoons to use or to complete an existing canteen.
Size-5.75 inches long by 1.25 inches wide.
Weight-84 grams.
With a few marks to some bowls, these are in very good antique condition overall.
Irish silver is very collectable, and much sought after, as it is much more scarce than English silver.
Ref: 6175
Price: £195

London 1992 solid silver large soup ladle.
London 1992 English hallmarked solid silver large soup ladle with tapering handle and lovely rattail to heel of bowl.
Weight-120 grams.
Size-11.5 inches long by 3 1/8 inches wide.
A very nice contemporary soup ladle.

Ref: 0990
Price: £195

Birmingham 1901 wonderful and unusual solid silver and cut gass tyg cup, made by George Ernest Hawkins.
Birmingham 1901 English hallmarked solid silver and cut glass very unusual tyg cup with elegant panel cut sides, three handles, star cut base, and silver hallmarked rim.
Made by George Ernest Hawkins of Legge Lane in Birmingham.
A tyg is a drinking vessel with multiple handles, allowing it to be easily passed around from person to person before a hunt or after a banquet, for toasting, etc.
Size-3 inches diameter, 4 3/8 inches wide including handles, and 3 5/8 inches high.
Weight-235 grams.
This is a really lovely cup in very good condition, and would make an ideal present for the drinking enthusiast, a collector, or for a child, Christening or wedding gift.
Ref: 5934
Price: £195

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