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London 1801 solid silver tea caddy spoon by George Wintle.
London 1801 solid silver tea caddy spoon with round bowl in Old English pattern by George Wintle, with very clear hallmarks.
Weight-15 grams.
Size-3.5 inches long by 1.5 inches diameter.
In very good condition. Great to put in a tea caddy, use for sauces, or place into a collection.
These were used to mix the tea leaves in the mixing bowls of a tea caddy, and then to transfer the leaves to the pot for brewing. Now, can be used for anything.
A very nice example.
We have many other individual and sets of spoons in inventory, so please contact us with your requirements.
Ref: 3080
Price: £185

Turn of 19th/20th century pair of gilt spelter figures of harvesters.
Turn of 19th/20th century lovely pair of gilt spelter well modelled male and female figures of harvesters.
The female figure carries a large wheat sheaf, while the male carries produce in his apron.
Size-9.25 inches high by 3.5 inch diameter base.
Weight-1.2 kilos before packing.
A very decorative pair for table, sideboard and mantel.
Great to have a pair.
In very good condition.
Ref: 5655
Price: £185

London 1937 unusual Art Deco period cut glass and solid silver lighthouse form sugar caster.
London 1937 very unusual Art Deco period lighthouse form cut glass and English hallmarked solid silver sugar caster.
Casters were made to dispense sugar over the top of food, confectionery, and drinks.
With heavily cut glass, and shapely silver top, this caster is in very good condition, and sure to be a talking point.
Size-6 inches high by 2.5 inches wide.
Wonderful and functional gift for the collector of novelty silver or glass.
Ref: 5681
Price: £185

Early 20thC large Whiting Co. solid sterling silver King Edward pattern berry spoon with scallop shell bowl.
Early 20th century American .925 sterling silver large King Edward pattern by Whiting ornate berry serving or table spoon. The bowl is in the shape of a large deep scallop shell, while the double struck handle has a ribbon, foliate and shell design.
Also marked patented Ap 23, 1901 to heel of bowl on reverse, and with the Whiting logo, as well as the marks for Diener Hermanos Mexico, who retailed it. Whiting Manufacturing Company was started in Massachusetts, USA in 1866. In 1926 the company was purchased by Gorham.
Size-9.75 inches long overall. Bowl is 3.25 inches wide by 4 inches high.
Weight is very good at 110 grams.
A lovely sizeable and unusual spoon, very well made, and a spoon sure to attract notice when serving.
First produced in 1901, and no longer made, this will make an impressive and practical gift.
We have many other individual and sets of spoons in inventory, so please contact us with your requirements.
Ref: 5362
Price: £185

Exeter 1852 solid silver set of 5 teaspoons, assayed by very collectable English provincial assay office.
Exeter 1852 hallmarked solid silver early Victorian period set of 5 teaspoons made by John Osment, flatware maker, in the fiddle pattern.
The Exeter assay office closed in 1883. Therefore such provincial silver pieces with Exeter hallmarks are more scarce and very collectable.
This set of 5 teaspoons have the lovely scrolled initials EW of the original owner to the stem and on the reverse under the hallmarks, the date of receiving them as a gift, 1853. They were likely an expensive wedding gift at the time.
Size-approximately 5.75 inches long by 1.25 inches wide.
Weight-93 grams.
One spoon has signs of a very old repair to the heel, and there are a few marks of use to the bowls.
A nice set of very collectable Exeter silver spoons in good condition overall.
A great set to use, add to a collection, or to complete a canteen.
Ref: 6176
Price: £185

Superb quality St. Louis French crystal goblem with wonderful foliate design, by these world renowned makers.
Superior quality St. Louis French crystal goblet with beautiful foliate cut and engraved body, cut and shaped stem, and a thin 24kt gold gilt border to rim and foot. The pattern name is unknown, but it is similar to the Botticelli pattern, but without the coloured accents. St Louis crystal is mouth blown and etched by hand by master craftsman.
Cristallerie-St. Louis is the world famous glass house in France, makers of the finest crystal, and suppliers to the tables of French kings. Active as glass makers since 1586, they have been recognised for their superior craftsmanship. St. Louis glass has graced the tables of many heads of state across the world.
This is a heavy and beautifully cut piece that will be the star of a dining table or bar, add to a table service, or will make a unique gift.
The acid etched mark for St. Louis Crystal France, is found on the base.
Size-6.75 inches high by 3 3/8 inches diameter.
Weight-301 grams.
Saint Louis glass pieces, made by master craftsmen, are as elegant and traditional today, as they have been for centuries.
In very good condition without wear to the gilding, and a wonderful value.
An opulent glass to give as a gift, or to add to a collection of other St. Louis glass.
Retail value is at least 300.00 if another example could be found.
See listings on www.serpentineantiques.co.uk for other St. Louis pieces available.
Ref: 6185
Price: £185

Late Victorian cast iron cork press or mould for apothecary or chemist use, from a private collection.
From the private collection of a retired pharmacist, a Victorian period hinged cast iron cork press with handle, in a leafy design with three different sized moulds. A pharmacist or chemist would wet a cork and press it to size within this mould to be inserted into different sized bottles of custom mixed medications. As the cork dried, it stoppered the bottles tightly and securely.
The press was meant to be secured to the table for use, through the four holes on the feet.
Size-9.75 inches long by 2.75 inches wide by 3.25 inches high at highest point.
Weight-1 kilo.
Still retaining the original finish, this interesting apothecary antique is in very good condition. It would be an asset to a collection, and an excellent talking point.
This item will ship from the USA.
Ref: 6249
Price: £185

Exquisite sterling silver sardine serving fork in the Old Orange Blossom pattern by Alvin.
A truly beautiful and unusual American sterling silver .925 sardine serving fork in the Old Orange Blossom pattern (circa 1905), made by the Alvin Manufacturing Company of Providence, Rhode Island. The company was founded by William H. Jamouneau in 1886, and was acquired by Gorham in 1928. They are known for fine quality silver and intricate work.
This lovely small fork has seven wide spread tines below pierced decoration to the heel, and a shaped stem with entwined orange blossoms standing proud on both sides. There is a blank cartouche suitable for personalisation if desired. All decoration is very sharp.
Size-approximately 4.25 inches long by 1.75 inches wide.
Weight-18 grams.
The maker's mark for Alvin is shown on the reverse, as well as sterling and patent.
For the sardine aficionado, the collector of small and interesting forks, or for those seeking to purchase an unusual gift;, this is a highly desirable, seldom found and sought after piece.
In very good condition, without personalisation. A beautiful and functional gift.
Ref: 6251
Price: £185

Sheffield 1943 solid silver cased set of 12 coffee spoons in original fitted case by Cooper Brothers and Sons.
Sheffield 1943 solid English hallmarked silver set of 12 coffee spoons with pretty feather edge design to stem in original fitted case, and in very good condition with very clear hallmarks.
It is unusual to find a set of 12 silver coffee spoons.
Size-4 inches long.
Weight-120 grams, or 405 grams with case.
Made by Cooper Brothers and Sons, very good makers.
A very large and useful set.
We have many other individual and sets of spoons in inventory, so please contact us with your requirements.

Ref: 0347
Price: £180

Sheffield 1949 solid silver sauce boat by WALKER AND HALL.
Sheffield 1949 solid English hallmarked silver sauceboat on pedestal base, and with threaded scalloped rim.
Made by Walker and Hall.
In very good overall condition, generous size, and by a famous maker.
Size-5.75 inches long by 3.75 inches wide by 3.5 inches high.
Weight-125 grams.
Considering the value of just the scrap weight of this piece, this is a wonderful value, as silver prices continue to soar.
A lovely sized and stylish sauce boat with just a few pinhead sized impressions, appropriate for its age.
Please see listings on www.serpentineantiques.co.uk for many other sauce boats in stock in various styles and weights.
Ref: 4053
Price: £175

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