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Our website was last updated on: 24 October 2018
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Lovely pair of tall and imposing Corinthian column gilt wood candlesticks.
Wonderful pair of very tall gilt wood Corinthian column candlesticks with stepped bases.
Lovely for dining or hall tables to use for the festive season and all year round.
Will hold larger based candles.
Size-21.75 inches high by 6.75 inches square each.
An imposing and elegant pair in very good condition.
Two pairs are available if desired, as seen in the last photo.
Ref: 5821
Price: £125

Sheffield 1925/26 set of 3 solid silver spoons with The Wire Fox Terrier Association insignia.
Sheffield 1925/26 English hallmarked solid silver set of 3 large heavy teaspoons with beautifully shaped stems and the insignia of The Wire Fox Terrier Association, having a realistic head of a wire fox terrier standing proud on the finial. The organisation was founded in 1913, and these spoons were awarded to winners at shows.
The maker is Cooper Brothers and Sons.
Size-5 5/8 inches long by 1.25 inches wide bowl.
Weight-75 grams total.
A set of well made and very collectable spoons for the collector of antique dog memorabilia, the wire fox terrier owner, or the novelty silver collector.
In very good condition.
Please also see several other dog spoon listings from a collection of dog related silver, as well as a cast dog figural model.
Ref: 6108
Price: £125

Early 20th century set of tortoise shell style lorgnettes, leather case, neck lanyard, and original box.
Early 20th century complete set of "tortoise shell" style lorgnettes, adjustable ribbon neck lanyard, leather case, and original box as purchased from Pictons Ophthalmic Opticians on Union Street in Bristol.
Lorgnettes were used for reading and pursuits like opera and the races, for those who needed spectacles, but either didn't wish to wear them regularly, or wanted to make a certain style statement. They were meant to fold flat nicely to place in handbag or pocket.
This is a lovely pair, and comes with all its original pieces. The round glass lenses I estimate would fall into the 2.5 to 2.75 magnification range. They very neatly fall into the long shaped handle with loop on end for the attached lanyard to use to wear around the neck for convenience.
Size-7 inches long by 1 5/8 inches closed; 11.5 inches fully extended straight.
Weight-130 grams including case and box.
These would be lovely to use or display on an antique table next to or on top of a leather bound book.
A nice piece of history in very good condition.
Ref: 6121
Price: £120

Birmingham 1932 Art Deco period solid silver and Bakelite bridge or whist spoons in original case.
Birmingham 1932 English hallmarked set of 4 very unusual Art Deco period solid silver coffee or tea spoons with Bakelite terminals representing each of the four suits of cards (hearts, diamonds, spades, clubs). The Bakelite terminals are centrally mounted on the plain stems, so on whichever side the spoon rests, they are perfectly visible as seen. With pretty shell bowls, they are presented in the original fitted case.
Made by Marson and Jones.
Size-3.75 inches long by 7/8 inches wide.
Weight-40 grams spoons, 115 grams with case for shipping.
A great gift for the bridge, whist, or cards player.
In very good condition overall, with just some minor age cracks to the Bakelite.
An unusual set, and very iconic of the Art Deco period.
Ref: 6042
Price: £120

19th century Georgian pair of cut glass salts with draped swag design.
19th century Georgian pair of cut glass salts with draped swag design, star cut bases, and scalloped edges, standing on pedestal feet.
Size 2 5/8 wide by 2 1/8 inches high.
A very elegant pair in very good condition.
Ref: 0554
Price: £120

Birmingham 1898 Victorian solid silver and mother of pearl bread fork made by John Gilbert.
Birmingham 1898 Victorian English hallmarked solid silver and mother of pearl bread fork, made by John Gilbert.
A lovely double struck shell and foliate design with beautiful engraving to both sides of tines. This is a highly decorative fork which stands out above the more usual plainer models. The highly desirable mother of pearl handle accents the profuse engraving.
Very clear hallmarks.
Unusual to find in solid silver as opposed to the more commonly found silver plate versions.
Size-6.25 inches long by 1.5 inches wide.
Now used to serve cold meat and cheese, and other foods.
There is one tiny line observed near the ferrule believed to be part of the character of the natural mother of pearl.
A very functional and beautiful piece to own or to give as a gift, in very good condition.
Ref: 5505
Price: £115

20th century American sterling silver handled unusual cake slice.
20th century sterling or solid silver handled unusual cake slice, called a cake breaker in America. The comb like portion of the server is plated. This is made to cut and serve soft light fluffy cakes such as angel food and sponge cakes without crushing or crumbling them as an ordinary knife or slice would. The tines pass easily through the cake and create a nice slice to serve.
With just some light taps to the handle, in very good condition.
Size-11 inches long by 3.75 inches wide.
Weight-135 grams.
This is a lovely and unusual piece to use at the table or to give as a gift, in a fairly plain style, that will go with any other tableware.
Ref: 5838
Price: £100

Birmingham 1969 cast solid silver and enamel Sherry spirit or decanter label made by famous makers MAPPIN AND WEBB.
Birmingham 1969 English hallmarked cast solid silver and enamel Sherry label by famous makers, Mappin and Webb.
A large and thick gauged label with lustrous cobalt blue enamel lettering, and scrolled edge. This would make a fabulous gift for someone, or an excellent addition to your own collection.
Size-1 7/8 inches long by 1 inch high.
Weight-20 grams.
In very good condition.
Ref: 5848
Price: £100

Sheffield 1898 Victorian hallmarked solid silver Gin spirit or decanter label by famous maker Harry Atkin.
Sheffield 1898 Victorian English hallmarked solid silver Gin spirit or decanter label, made by Harry Atkin, famous and collectable maker.
Kidney shaped label with threaded edge and very nice chain would make a nice addition to the bar or a great gift to an enthusiast with a bottle of gin perhaps.
Size-1.5 inches long by .75 deep.
In very good condition.
Matching label with Brandy engraving available if desired.
Ref: 5850
Price: £100

19th century Victorian opera glasses by J.H.Steward Co., Cornhill, London, with case.
19th century Victorian opera glasses with makers marks of J.H. Steward Co., Cornhill, London, and including the original fitted and shaped case.
These leather and aluminium opera glasses are in perfect working order. The original leather and silk lined case (which is often missing) is a bit worn from use.
There is a scrolling monogram of the original owner between the eyepieces.
This is the perfect accessory for seeing the opera or races at closer range, or to use in a lovely display on table or desk.
Ref: 0208
Price: £100

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