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Circa 1800, George III wonderful padouck wood deed or bible box with original furniture.
Circa 1800, George III wonderful unusual rare and exotic padouck wood deed or bible box with original brass furniture and lovely grain, colour, and patina. It is rare to find items made of this wood, which would have been extremely expensive when made.
A large, very well made and decorative box with twin handles, and lovely escutcheon. Would display and keep a bible or important letters or papers beautifully.
Size-20.25 inches, by 14.5 inches deep, by 6.5 inches high.
Both decorative and useful.
In very good condition.
Ref: 4311
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19th century wonderful scent or perfume bottle casket with 6 scent bottles and beautiful case.
An amazing and complete 19th century Victorian lovely leather and gilt brass large scent bottle casket with retailers stamp for E. F. Collings, a Bath England retailer. The gilt lined leather case has a large gilt and engraved brass plaque with swing over handle to the hinged lid. It is embellished with raised gadroon edged oval brass engraved decoration to corners, and accented with a large oval central tigers eye agate cabochon stone, also having gadroon edge trim. A very shapely and large brass cartouche surrounds the lock, which also includes the original working key.
The lid raises to reveal the original blue moire silk and velvet lined interior holding six original square cut glass round shouldered scent bottles with facet cut stoppers. There are brass studs around each divided section.
This would have been an essential and expensive travel item for the 19th century traveller.
Size-case, 6.5 inches long by 5 inches wide by 4.75 inches high. Bottles are each 1 5/8 inches square by 3.5 inches high.
Weight-1.6 kilos.
A very unusual and complete scent bottle casket or box in very good condition overall. There is one chip to the base corner of one bottle, and some minor nibbles to some interior stopper bottoms, all hidden from view, mentioned for accuracy.
This rare to find and completely original scent bottle casket would be a great item for the collector of boxes or scent bottles, or a wonderful piece to use and display on table, desk, or dressing table.
Ref: 6002
This item has been sold

Early 19th century stunning and complete rosewood and mother of pearl inlaid writing box or slope with original interior and inkwells.
Very striking early 19th century rosewood writing box or slope complete with beautiful foliate and heart mother of pearl inlay, and the original interior fittings and key. The fittings comprise two original patinated brass topped glass inkwells, pen rest and other fitted compartments. There is plenty of storage for paper when the hinged writing surface is lifted, and a notice board is also fitted underneath the surface as well.
The writing surface is aubergine velvet, with embossed edges, and still in good condition. The box bottom is lined with baize to protect the table surface. The original key is included.
This fine writing slope is in wonderful condition, with great patina, grain and colour, and is lovely to behold, as well as functional as a lap or writing desk, and to store letters and personal papers. A great box for the collector as well.
Size-Closed-13.75 inches long by 10 inches wide by 2.5 inches high in front, and 3.75 inches high in back. Open-20.25 inches.
Weight-2.5 kilos without packing.
One of the nicest examples you will ever see.
Ref: 5835
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19th century Continental unusual walnut stationery box with secret drawer.
19th century Continental, possibly German unusual bespoke pale walnut stationery box with secret drawer and the original key.
Profuse leaf carvings, crest and monogram are carved to the double lidded doors. The interior contains a number of shaped stationary dividers, two covered tidy boxes and a pen tray.
The hinged front piece of the box raises up to reveal a secret drawer, which is then opened by removing the pen tray and sliding the right sided tidy box to the left, thereby releasing a hidden pin. The drawer locks with the same key as the top doors.
Size-12 inches wide by 11 inches deep by 10.5 inches high (7.5 inches high on front edge).
A very unusual stationery box in very good condition.
Ref: 4942
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19th century wonderful Victorian solid oak casket with bronze plaque to top, and partitioned interior, for desk or table.
19th century Victorian very unique solid oak desk or tabletop casket or box with bronze cherubic plaque mounted to top. The plaque consists of a very well modelled reclining sleeping cherub, complete with a bow and quiver of arrows.
This may have originally been made as a romantic and enduring gift for someone.
The moulded edges of the base as well as the hinged rising lid are accented with ebony strips, while the oak interior has a movable shaped partition to allow customisation of the space for letters, bills, or whatever one likes.
Size-10 inches long by 6 inches deep by 6.5 inches high.
A truly unique box, very suitable for a desk or table.
With excellent colour, grain and patina, this is in very good condition.
A great gift for the collector of antique boxes and smalls, and a very functional piece for desk or table.
Ref: 5731
This item has been sold

19th century unusual gentleman's light oak travelling vanity box or dressing case with fittings.
19th century gentleman's light oak travelling vanity or dressing case with fitted interior, in a compact size. These were used to carry personal items such as toiletries, writing implements and jewellery, the things a gentleman travelling in the 19th century would need.
An unusual box, made for a gentleman in beautifully grained oak in a lovely pale colour, with shaped brass cartouche to the rising lid engraved M. Ellison Esq.
The interior opens to reveal a Moroccan leather lined case with lid compartment lowering to reveal a file for letters or papers as well as pen and pencil fittings.
The lower section is divided, and holds two beautiful cut glass scent bottles with silver plated tops, as well as two additional cut glass bottles with lovely sharply cut stoppers. In addition, there is a rectangular cut glass container with silver plated pierced lid, and star cut base. There are empty compartments to hold jewellery, and fitted velvet slots for rings or cuff links.
The top tray lifts for additional storage below, and the underside is lined with leather to protect the table surface.
A very nice box, and unusual that it is for a gentleman instead of the ladies versions often seen. It is a lovely size to use for a jewellery box and to hold aftershave and cologne, and would make a great gift.
Size-11 inches long by 7 inches wide by 5.25 inches high.
Condition is very good with minimal flea bites to the two bottles having cut glass stoppers, and one lifting loop missing in the interior, which does not effect the looks or use.
A great box for the collector, as well as a functional one to use or to give as a gift.
Ref: 5785
This item has been sold

19th century very unusual walnut work box with a really interesting fitted interior.
19th century very unusual and stylish walnut workbox crossbanded with ebony line inlaid banding on all sides. The inlay is white metal (likely silver). The corners are chamfered, and there is a brass vacant cartouche surrounded by the same inlaid ebony to the centre of the rising lid, as well as a similar one around the lock.
The interior is fitted with a very unusual divided tray with many compartments that would be excellent for jewellery or sewing accoutrements, and may originally have been used as a paint box for the budding Victorian artist.
The tray lifts to reveal additional storage below. The underside is covered with leather to protect the table surface.
Size-16 inches long by 10.5 inches wide by 6 inches high.
A really nice well crafted and very unusual walnut box that would accent any desk or table beautifully, and is perfect for the collector as well.
Ref: 5784
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19th century lovely large walnut brass trimmed writing slope with fitted interior and the original key.
Large 19th century figured walnut writing slope with brass edge trim to all sides, as well as a brass vacant cartouche and brass escutcheon. There is also additional brass line inlay to top and front sections.
The mahogany lined interior opens to reveal a gilt embellished black leather writing surface, with fitted compartments, one with ivory pull, a removable pen rest, and two patinated bronze topped glass inkwells. Both halves of the writing surface lift up for storage underneath.
The quality 3 point original lock is fitted with the original key.
Size-approximately 18 inches long by 10.25 inches wide by 7.25 inches high. Open-20.5 inches long by 5.25 inches high at highest point.
Weight-4.8 kilos.
This was once an essential travel item for the 19th century person, and can now still be used as a writing box at home, or as a lovely and decorative desk or table topped accessory.
A great gift for the box collector of for use in period interior design.
In very good original condition.
Ref: 5998
This item has been sold

19th century very unusual oak tambour roll top box.
19th century most unusual tambour topped oak box, which may have originally been made as a clerks box or humidor.
This interesting box has arched sides, a very close fitted and skilfully made flat tambour roll top, and a brass carry handle, as well as additional shaped brass fittings. A lower drawer pulls open, which automatically rolls back the tambour top to reveal a divided wood interior on top, and a lift out divided tray in the top of the drawer, which lifts to reveal another divided interior having moveable dividers.
The action is very smooth, both for opening and closing.
The brass drawer pull is bent a bit off centre, which in no way effects the action. There is no key.
A brass label is fixed to the back for C. T. Jones Oxford, and the bottom is lined with baize to protect the table surface.
With lovely patina and colour, this is in very good condition.
Size-12.75 inches long by 9.5 inches wide (closed) by 9.5 inches high. It is 15.25 inches wide open.
Weight-3.5 kilos.
A great box for the collector, to use as a humidor, or for whatever you like.
Ref: 6026
This item has been sold

Mid 19thC Victorian leather cased CHUBB AND SON complete dispatch box including inkwells.
Mid 19th century completely original large Chubb and Son leather cased gilt embellished painted metal dispatch box or deed box with fitted interior. It has recessed side carrying handles, removable top tray to reveal storage below, removable pen tray, two cast brass topped cut glass locking inkwells with facet cut shoulders, a leather blotter fitted into the interior lid, and the original Chubb lock and Chubb Detector key.
Dispatch boxes were very functional items used to transport important documents while travelling, for security purposes. They were also something of a status symbol. The Chubb locking system was the most sought after.
Chubb and Son, in business for over 180 years, was a very famous maker of locks and protective items such as this. The case is marked Chubb in two places, as is the lock, the two inkwells and the key. The box is labelled Chubb and Son, 68 St. James St., SW. The lock is labelled Chubb's Patent, Makers to her majesty, 1280 Queen Victoria St, 1357530. The key is engraved Chubb's Detector, 1280 Queen Victoria St., London. The detector lock was patented in 1818 by Charles and Jeremiah Chubb due to the increase in crime in England driving a demand for security boxes and safes.
Within the blotter are a few letters from the period 1866 through WWI. The leather case is initialed R.M.L, and the letters and key tag refer to a Miss Livesey. She apparently was related to the Murat family, from which this came.
Size-box:15 inches by 10 inches by 6 inches high.
Weight for shipping-7.25 kilos.
With leather case, add .5 inches to all dimensions. Inkwells are 2.5 inches high by 1.75 inches wide each side.
It is very unusual to get such a complete box including its exterior case.
In very good condition overall. Box has minor chips to paint, and the protective leather case is worn as expected, but all straps are still intact. The two inkwells are perfect, and the lock is fully working with the original key.
A great talking point, and a wonderful glimpse into 19th century British history, still making a wonderful place to keep important letters or papers, and a great box for the collector.
Ref: 5361
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