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19th century Victorian mahogany standish or inkstand with ivory and brass decoration and entwined serpents handle.
19th century Victorian mahogany inkstand with ebonised, ivory and engraved brass decoration. It contains two pen trays, two brass topped original inkwells, and a handle formed from two entwined snakes, standing on 4 bun feet.
Size-10 3/8 inches long by 6.25 inches wide by 3.5 inches high.
A very handsome and unusual inkstand for table or desk, in very good condition.
Ref: 5834
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19th century lovely cornelian and gilt metal desk or table seal of generous size.
19th century cornelian gilt metal desk or table seal with 9 facet cut sides and well carved initial B on unmarked gilt metal base, and impressive size.
Cornelian also spelled carnelian, is a semi precious gemstone often used in fobs and seals due to its attractive red colour and the fact that hot wax does not stick to it. Such items were used to seal documents and letters with a personal seal using hot wax.
Size-3 3/8 inches tall by 1 inch diameter.
Weight-55 grams.
Probably of Continental origin, likely French, this is a very attractive piece to use or display, or for the collector.
In very good condition and with generous size.
Ref: 6128
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ASPREY famous maker solid silver notebook and propelling pencil.
London 1946 English hallmarked solid silver small engraved pocket notebook and pencil by one of the world's most famous makers, Asprey of London, having a hinged rising cover.
The original close fitting propelling pencil is hallmarked Birmingham 1939, and was made by Villiers and Jackson. The pencil forms the locking mechanism, and slides out to open and close the notebook. Once the pencil is removed, the lid springs open.
The interior contains the original gilt edged notebook paper tablet.
Size-2.75 inches long by 1 7/8 inches wide.
Weight-55 grams.
With just a very slight pinch mark near bottom of pencil, this is a very lovely piece, by a very famous maker. It is excellent for a gentleman or lady, to keep in pocket, handbag or briefcase. Or, it would be an great piece for the collector of small novelty silver.
In very good condition.
Ref: 5867
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Birmingham 1899 solid silver heart shaped repousse cased desk clock paperweight.
Birmingham 1899 English hallmarked solid silver Victorian heart shaped repousse cased desk or dressing table clock with the original curved glass crystal, made and hallmarked by the Douglas Clock Company.
The solid silver beautifully crafted case is in excellent order, but the clock mechanism is not working, and needs servicing. The rest is in excellent condition.
Size 4 inches high by 3.25 wide.
This would make a lovely and interesting paper weight for a desk or table.
Ref: 4806
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Circa 1875 large and stylish silver plate toast rack/letter rack by famous makers Hukin and Heath.
Circa 1875 an unusual large and heavy 7 bar silver plate toast or letter rack, by famous makers, Hukin and Heath. The famous Victorian visionary designer, Dr. Christopher Dresser, was the head designer for this company.
The rack is designed with angled dividers, graduated in height, reinforced to a central bottom bar, and standing on a canted corner base, beautifully engraved with a bright cut design. It is surmounted with a shapely handle, and stands on ball feet, marked to reverse with the maker's mark and the number 1912, likely a pattern or style mark.
Size-6.75 inches long by 4 inches wide by 5 inches high to top of handle.
Weight-240 grams.
In very good condition, this makes a very functional yet impressive and stylish rack to hold letters, papers or bills, and would make a wonderful desk accessory. Additionally, it can also be used at the table.
A lovely piece.
Ref: 5884
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19th century solid oak and brass Victorian wall hanging letter or stationery rack by William Tonks and Sons, famous makers.
19th century Victorian solid English oak and pierced brass wall hanging letter or stationery rack. It was made by famous makers William Tonks and Sons, in business since 1789, and bears their impressed mark on the back.
The solid oak base has a bevelled edge, and attached to it are three beautifully pierced and heavy gauged brass partitions meant to be used for letters, papers, stationery or bills.
There is an impressed makers mark to the reverse of the base, as well as a recessed brass secure hanging bracket.
Size-9 inches long by 4 inches wide by 1.75 inches deep.
Weight-330 grams.
A very well crafted decorative and functional piece to use and display in home or office.
In very good condition.
Ref: 5735
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London 1902 solid silver Arts and Crafts period hand made letter opener with inset gem capstone, made by the famous GUILD OF HANDICRAFT makers.
London 1902 hand made English hallmarked solid silver Arts and Crafts period letter opener with paddle shaped hammered surface, curved handle, and inset gem capstone, made by the famous Guild of Handicraft makers
The Guild of Handicraft was founded by the well known silversmith C. R. Ashbee, a major force in the English Arts and Crafts movement, to give working men the satisfactions of craftsmanship. The Guild specialised in metalworking and sought to set a higher standard of craftsmanship as well as protect the status of the craftsman. First housed in East London from 1888 to 1902, about fifty men were employed to hand craft silver, which sold very well. Many important makers worked under Ashbee's direction in this early period. Later it moved to Chipping Campden. It went into liquidation in 1908.
The hallmark on this piece is the early hallmark, only used until 1905, from the early years of the Guild, the most important period.
Size-5.5 inches long by 1 inch wide.
Weight-40 grams.
Someone has mentioned to me that there may have been additional loops at the top of the stem, hence the large price reduction for this lovely piece.
With very clear hallmarks, this unusual hand made letter opener is in very good condition, and would make either a lovely gift or a functional and decorative piece for yourself.
Ref: 5723
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Chester 1932 solid silver propelling pencil called Baker's Pointer, made by Edward Baker, well known maker of quality pencils.
Chester 1932 English hallmarked solid silver generous sized engraved propelling pencil called Baker's Pointer, and including the original lead.
Size-4 1/2 inches long by 3/8 inches wide or 5/8 inches wide including clip.
Weight-40 grams.
Made by Edward Baker, and from a very collectable assay office, this solid silver pencil would make a lovely gift for anyone, as well as the collector of writing instruments.
When the famed Sampson Mordan company, maker of silver propelling pencils among other fine silver, closed their business, Edward Baker, also a very well known firm, bought their patents.
A blank cartouche allows personalised engraving if desired.
In very good condition with clear hallmarks.
Ref: 4746
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19th century Victorian large white metal propelling pencil with jewelled end.
19th century unmarked white metal, not tested, propelling pencil with beautifully engraved body in a design of spots between feathered bands, and with diamond shaped design collars.
The beautifully crafted chased and engraved pencil is surmounted with a luminous white agate capstone having hexagonal trim over chased sides. The capstone top unscrews to reveal 6 separate compartments to hold lead.
Size-4.75 inches long in the open position or 3 5/8 inches long closed by 1/4 inch wide to body flaring to 1/2 inch wide to top.
Weight-15 grams.
The pencil operates by pushing on the raised ring on the column to lower the writing portion, and pulling it back up to raise it.
A beautiful pencil to use or display alone or with a book, writing box or inkstand.
In very good condition.
Ref: 4747
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Circa 1915 attractive solid mahogany book slide made from the timbers of the HMS Renown.
Circa 1915 solid mahogany book slide or book rack with brass plaque to one end stating it was made from the timbers of the HMS Renown.
Nicknamed "The Battleship Yacht," the ship was a Centurion-class lightly armed battleship of the Royal Navy. Serving as a flagship, she was also used as a yacht to regularly transport members of the Royal Family. The ship was scrapped and broken up in 1915 at Blyth.
The book slide is made from crossed pieces with rounded ends, while the supports that hold the books are shaped and curved. It stands on rounded feet with leather covered bases to protect the table surface.
Size-14 inches long by 7 inches wide by 5 inches high overall. Interior book space of slide when fully extended is 11 inches, and when closed is 1.5 inches wide.
This is a very useful slide to hold books neatly and securely on any desk or table, with the added interest of the provenance of the timber. It is an attractive and functional piece.
In very good condition.
Ref: 5718
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