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Lovely and unusual oval cut glass spirit decanter.
Very unusual and lovely superior quality oval shaped cut glass decanter with all over cuts to body, faceted shoulders and star cut base, from my personal collection. Complete with the original matching stopper having similar cuts and faceted neck.
From famous glass house Boda of Sweden, who was known for their finely made glass, from 1864-1946. They merged with Kosta in 1946.
The unusual shape makes it easy to pick up, and also makes it stand out on table or bar.
Size-10.5 inches tall by 4.5 inches wide by 2.75 inches wide at widest point (tapers a bit narrower towards base).
Weight-1.5 kilos
With engraved mark Boda to base.
With just some tiny flea bites to the bottom edge of the inner stopper, this is in very good condition overall.
A lovely piece to own or to give as a gift.
Ref: 6178
This item has been sold

Stunning St. Louis French crystal Thistle Gold pattern champagne coupe or tall sherbert glass.
Superior quality St. Louis French crystal Thistle Gold pattern champagne saucer or tall sherbet glass with beautifully cut glass body and gently flared bowl, notch cut stem, leafy engraving and open gilt border to rim and foot.
Cristallerie-St. Louis is the world famous glass house in France, makers of the finest crystal, and suppliers to the tables of French kings. Active as glass makers since 1586, they have been recognised for their superior craftsmanship. This pattern, first made in 1913, is one of the Cristallerie's most exclusive patterns. It has graced many Presidential dinner tables for official occasions. Each piece takes 25 days to make; 10 glass blowers shape the piece, and then 15 other specialists hand cut, engrave and decorate it. The fine 24kt gold pattern is painted on with a small brush and then fired and polished with agate stone.
This is a heavy and beautifully cut piece that will be the star of a dining table or bar, or make a unique gift.
The acid etched mark for St. Louis Crystal France, is found on the base.
Size-5 3/8 inches high by 4 7/16 inches diameter.
Weight-313 grams.
Saint Louis glass pieces, made by master craftsmen, are as elegant and traditional today, as they have been for centuries.
In very good condition without wear to the gilding, and a wonderful value at 195.00.
An opulent and breathtakingly beautiful glass for those who enjoy champagne, or to add to a collection of other St. Louis glass.
Retail value is 350.00 if another example can be found.
See listings for matching ice bucket available in the same pattern.
Ref: 6184
This item has been sold

20thC set of 3 matching heavy cut glass decanters.
20thC set of matching large very good quality heavy cut glass decanters.
Classic cuts, and square shape with canted corners, make these either a lovely and useful gift or functional pieces for your own home.
Many silver and silver plate decanter labels are available, please ask.
Gilt stand in background is sold separately, if desired.
In very good condition.
Ref: 4177
This item has been sold

Circa 1900 unusual cut glass claret jug with silver plate mounts.
Late 19th century/early 20th century lovely and elegant quatrelobed cut glass claret jug with silver plate mounts.
The unusual four lobes of shaped and tapered cut glass body are separated by beaded decoration and have deep foliate and leafy cuts to the glass. The silver plate mounts with domed cover and finial are similarly engraved with foliate designs, and there is a cast S-scroll handle.
Size-11 inches high by 5.5 inches wide. Base 4 7/8 inches diameter.
Weight-865 grams.
With very slight rubbing to the silver plate only, this is a lovely and most unusual example in very good condition overall.
A great claret jug to use or display, or a lovely gift for a wedding, anniversary, or other important occasion.

Ref: 5939
This item has been sold

Birmingham 1938 solid silver hallmarked set of 6 seal topped cocktail sticks or fruit picks by famous makers Barker Brothers.
Birmingham 1938 English hallmarked solid silver seal topped set of 6 cocktail or fruit sticks in the original fitted case, made by famous makers Barker Brothers.
Wonderful to use at the bar to spear olives and onions for drinks, or to serve with fruit or cheese at a party.
Size-2.75 inches long.
Weight-30 grams silver only, and 85 grams with case.
A lovely set in very good condition.
Please also see another listed set of Norwegian silver and enamel cocktail picks as well as an English cased set featuring theatrical characters.
Ref: 5842
This item has been sold

London 1902 tall solid silver and cut glass unusual spirit decanter by renowned and collectable maker Charles James Fox.
London 1902 tall English hallmarked solid silver and cut glass elegant wrythen twist spirit decanter by famous and collectable maker Charles James Fox. The Fox family are highly collected silversmiths.
With the original matching wrythen spherical stopper, star cut base, and double spouted solid silver pouring collar, this is a beautiful and unusual presentation.
Size-13.5 inches tall by 5 inches wide.
With a couple of very hard to find nicks, this is in very good overall condition.
A very nice example of the early Edwardian period, with double solid silver pouring spouts and collar. It will look lovely in the drinks cabinet or standing on the bar or table.
A classic and elegant example.
Ref: 5787
This item has been sold

20th century lovely set of 6 Norwegian solid silver and enamel long cocktail sticks made by Nils Hansen of Oslo.
20th century set of 6 Norwegian hallmarked solid silver and enamel long cocktail or fruit sticks or picks made by Nils Hansen of Oslo. They are both beautifully designed and very functional.
There is a strong emphasis in Norway in enamel on silver, and the workmanship makes it desired the world over.
This heavy gauged and very attractive set of sticks is enamelled with striking colours, and is sturdy enough for any type of food.
They will complement any design or decor, and would make a stunning gift, or an impressive statement at a cocktail party to spear olives or onions for drinks, or to use to serve fruit or cheese.
Size-4 inches long by .75 inches wide.
Weight 60 grams.
A lovely and unusual set in very good condition, without damage.
Please also see another listed set of English hallmarked silver cocktail picks featuring finials with cast theatrical characters as well as a sterling silver gilt cast cockerel topped set.
Ref: 5648
This item has been sold

Circa 1800 wonderful and rare pair of barrel shaped moulded probably Irish decanters.
Circa 1800 wonderful pair of barrel shaped decanters, probably Irish, moulded with diamond and vertical bands, and having pinched necks and moulded bulls eye stoppers.
Rough pontil mark mark to bases.
Size-8.5 inches high by 3.5 inches wide.
A beautiful and functional pair, rare to find, and in very good condition.
Ref: 4421
This item has been sold

Birmingham 1979 solid silver and cut glass spirit decanter by famous makers MAPPIN AND WEBB.
Birmingham 1979 English hallmarked solid silver collared heavy cut glass decanter, by very well known makers of quality silver, Mappin and Webb.
The large square decanter has a very generous silver collar, and an large octagonal cut stopper. The body has cut and chamfered sides and is cut on all sides including shoulders, with deep leafy cuts and a square cut design to the sides. Star cut base.
The glass is in perfect condition. The silver has scratch marks on the inner lip as is common, from where the stopper touched it during replacement.
Size-9.5 inches high overall, 7.75 inches high without stopper, by 4 inches square. Stopper is 2 3/8 inches diameter.
A lovely gift, in very good overall condition.
Other decanters, labels and drinking glasses are available if desired, which would make a lovely set. Please see our other drinks related items under the drinking requisites category.
Ref: 5749
This item has been sold

Wonderful 1884 marked Victorian silver plate ice bucket or wine cooler by famous maker ELKINGTON.
Wonderful 19th century Victorian etched glass and silver plate ice bucket or wine cooler, made by famed makers Elkington and Co. and date marked for 1884.
Designed in the style of a banded bucket, this lovely piece has a lined etched glass body with star cut base and friction fit silver plate straps, silver plate top and bottom edges and swing handle. In addition, inside there is a silver plate beautifully pierced removable and reversible drain plate with finial. It allows drainage of melting ice, or if turned over flat with finial pointing down, it will hold a bottle out of the sitting water.
Both the bucket and the plate are marked clearly marked and hallmarked for Elkington and date marked with the letter "Y" for 1884.
Weight-695 grams.
Size-4 7/8 inches high without handle and 8 inches high with handle extended by 5 1/8 inches top diameter or 3 3/8 inches bottom diameter.
Interior depth is 3 3/8 inches to the plate or 4 5/8 inches to the bottom.
A lovely Victorian example, with all original pieces intact. Wonderful to use at the table or bar for ice cubes or to chill a bottle of wine.
A classic and elegant piece, and a talking point.
It is unusual to find such an item with all pieces complete and in very good condition.
A great gift to give or a treat for yourself.
Perfect for ice, wine, or champagne.
Ref: 5945
This item has been sold

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