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19th century beautiful cut glass rinser with engraved design of grapes and leaves.
19th century lovely cut glass double lipped glass rinser with thumb cut panels to base surmounted by a beautifully engraved design of leaves and grapes.
Glass rinsers or coolers were originally used to rinse or cool wine glasses between courses. The glass was turned upside down, and the stem rested against the lip. Now, they are often used to hold ice when serving drinks at the bar, and the ice tongs rest against or hang on the lip.
Also a great piece for the collector of antique glass.
Size-approx. 4 inches high by 5.5 inches wide (lip to lip).
Weight-420 grams.
In very good condition, this would make an excellent and functional talking point at a drinks party.
Sold individually, this is one of four available as seen in last photo.
Ref: 5872
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Victorian DAVIDSON shell and coral pattern marble vitro-porcelain pressed glass bowl on pedestal.
Victorian Davidson English marble vitro-porcelain, or sometimes called slag pressed glass sugar bowl in shell and coral pattern (circa 1890) in excellent condition, and with impressed Davidson lion mark to bowl.
With no damage, but the base rocks a bit.
The design of the shells with shades of purple swirling through them look amazing. The handles of the bowl are formed by coral branch design.
Size 6 inches wide including handles, or 4.75 inches without handles. 3.75 inches high.
Davidson is a famous and collectable maker.
A lovely bowl in excellent condition.
Ref: 0507
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19th century pair of cut glass dishes.
19th century pair of heavily and beautifully cut glass dishes with sharp edges, star cut bases, and intricate cut borders.
One appears to be perfect, while the other has a couple of chips to one inner edge-very difficult to see without magnification.
Size 6.5 inches diameter, and 1.5 inches high.
A lovely pair.
Ref: 4092
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19th century cut glass small bowl with cross cut diamond and fan cuts.
Lovely 19th century small cut glass bowl, hand cut with cross cut diamonds and fans to exterior, and with star cut base.
Heavy in weight, a useful bowl for desk, dressing table, or for nuts, etc.
Size-3.5 inches diameter, 2.25 inches high.
With just two difficult to notice inner edge chips, this item is in otherwise very good condition.
Ref: 5332
This item has been sold

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