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Circa 1820 Georgian cut glass hallmarked silver topped sugar caster.
Circa 1820 beautiful Georgian English hallmarked solid silver topped cut glass sugar caster. Cut glass is possibly of Irish origin.
Gorgeous cut glass body is surmounted by beautifully pierced and bright cut engraved top, all standing on flower head cut base.
Some nibbles to the base scallops, but otherwise in very good condition.
6 inches high by 2.5 inches wide.
A lovely piece.
Ref: 4114
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1959-1975 signed Swedish Kosta glass figure of polar bear by Mats Jonasson.
1959-1975 Swedish Kosta glass retired crystal figure/paperweight signed by Mats Jonasson, well know artist.
6 inches wide by 4.5 inches high.
A lovely piece in excellent condition.
Ref: 4706
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1959-1975 vintage signed Swedish Kosta crystal glass zebra figure.
1959-1975 vintage signed Swedish Kosta glass crystal figure or paperweight of zebra in the grass, by Mats Jonasson, well known artist.
6 inches wide by 4.5 inches high by 1.75 inches deep.
This retired figure is in excellent condition.
Ref: 4707
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Wallace and Sanders signed White Trailed Range scent bottle.
Wallace and Sanders lovely signed hand blown scent bottle made by one of the great British glass makers in North Yorkshire. It has been made in the White Trailed pattern.
Andrew Sanders and David Wallace have been making art glass together for more than 30 years. Their glass is unique and distinctive.
There is a rough pontil mark to the base as well as a signature. The lovely white swag design on the iridescent body is very flowing and graceful. The stopper has an angled top and is long, allowing it to dip into the scent for application.
Size-3.75 inches high by 2 inches wide.
Weight-200 grams.
A lovely piece, in very good condition to display or to give as a beautiful and functional gift.
Ref: 4834
This item has been sold

19th century lovely Victorian scent bottle.
19th century cut glass Victorian scent bottle with faceted neck and shoulders, panel cut sides, and star cut base. The faceted top is original to the bottle and is numbered to correspond to the inner neck.
Size-5.5 inches hight by 2.25 inches diameter.
Weight-340 grams.
A lovely bottle in very good condition. Perfect for the collector, or to use for dressing table or bathroom.
Ref: 6114
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Isle of Wight hand blown glass scent bottle, retired.
20th century famous Isle of Wight hand blown iridesent glass scent bottle in summer fruit design. In lovely urn shape, with was retired in 1998, this collectable glass scent bottle is in excellent condition.
It would look lovely on a dressing table, and makes an excellent gift.
5 inches high by 2.5 inches wide.
Ref: 4836
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Victorian set of 4 moulded glass ice plates.
Victorian set of 4 moulded glass ice plates, likely from the firm of Molineaux Webb, very good makers.
The plates have an etched glass band, fluted edges, and stylised flower design to centre.
They are very useful for many serving purposes.
Size-7 inches diameter by 1 inch high.
In very good condition.
Ref: 0595
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19th century very unusual Victorian glass butter dish and knife.
19th century Victorian glass large round butter dish with handles and a separate liner that is meant to hold the butter over an ice layer underneath.
It is beautifully faceted to catch the light, with a large star cut base, and includes a silver plate butter knife with shell detail.
There is one very small chip to the underside of the base edge, which cannot be seen.
This is also useful for any other items that can be served over ice.
Size-5.75 inches diameter by 3.5 inches high with handles.
This is a most unusual design in very good condition.
Ref: 4943
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Unusual amber soda glass jar with Dickensian decorations.
Nice amber coloured soda glass covered jar with transfer painted decorations from the Dickens novel, "The Old Curiosity Shop."
The decoration consists of Dick Swiveller, The Old Curiosity Shop, The Fat Boy, and a foliate border to jar top and lid.
Size-3.5 inches square by 6.5 inches high.
Weight-615 grams.
In very good condition.
Ref: 0837
This item has been sold

19th century beautiful cut glass rinser with engraved design of grapes and leaves.
19th century lovely cut glass double lipped glass rinser with thumb cut panels to base surmounted by a beautifully engraved design of leaves and grapes.
Glass rinsers or coolers were originally used to rinse or cool wine glasses between courses. The glass was turned upside down, and the stem rested against the lip. Now, they are often used to hold ice when serving drinks at the bar, and the ice tongs rest against or hang on the lip.
Also a great piece for the collector of antique glass.
Size-approx. 4 inches high by 5.5 inches wide (lip to lip).
Weight-420 grams.
In very good condition, this would make an excellent and functional talking point at a drinks party.
Sold individually, this is one of four available as seen in last photo.
Ref: 5870
This item has been sold

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