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20th century pair of silver plate ejector candle chambersticks with detachable snuffers.
20th century pair of silver plate ejector candle chambersticks or candlesticks with detachable snuffers and curved carrying handles with thumb rests.
Very decorative and functional, these are the perfect accessory for the table, and are readily available to use and safely carry around the house during power cuts. Heavy and good quality, the ejector allows one to raise the candle higher in the holder, as it burns shorter.
The removable 3 inch high snuffers sit on attached pins within a fixing on each handle.
Generous rectangular rounded corner base makes each chamberstick very stable.
Size-6 5/8 inches long by 6.25 inches wide by 5.5 inches high.
An attractive pair in very good condition. which will look lovely on any desk or table, together or separately.
Ref: 5728
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20th century lovely English made Lonsdale silver plate circular soup tureen on pedestal base by Poston.
20th century lovely silver plate circular soup tureen with lid on pedestal base by Poston, with cast foliate and shell designed twin handles and finial.
In very good condition, and very well made, this is a very functional and attractive piece for the table, which can also be used as a punchbowl for drinks.
Size-13.5 inches wide with handles by 10.5 inches high with finial by 9.25 diameter.
An elegant and stylish piece, in very good condition.
Ref: 5668
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19thC Victorian mother of pearl and silver plate dessert canteen in original mahogany case.
19th century Victorian circa 1897 silver plate and mother of pearl dessert service canteen comprising 12 pieces or 6 pairs of cutlery by Jonathan Bell and Son of Sheffield. Found in the original very good quality mahogany fitted case with brass plaque to exterior and blue lining to fitted interior.
A very good quality service, simple and elegant, with a beaded detail to the forks.
Size-knive 7 7/8 inches long by .75 inches wide. Fork-6 5/8 inches long by .75 inches wide. Case-11.25 inches long by 9.5 inches wide.
Mother of pearl handled cutlery is very sought after.
In very good condition with just two very small spots of minor plate wear to 2 knives.
Also very useful for cheese, butter and fruit.
A very nice and practical set.
Ref: 5494
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19th century lovely silver plate and ivory pair of fish servers in the original fitted case.
19th century Victorian lovely pair of silver plate fish servers with beautifully carved undamaged ivory handles, and presented in the original fitted leather case with striking blue lining.
The servers are very well engraved with foliate and shell decoration, and have wide embossed ferules. They are very attractive.
Size-knife, 12.5 inches long by 2 1/8 wide; fork, 9.5 inches long by 2 inches wide.
Although still used for their original purpose, they are also useful for serving cake and other desserts today.
A lovely set in very good condition.
Ref: 5680
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20thC very good quality pair of oval fluted bowls.
20th century very good quality English made pair of heavy oval fluted silverplate bowls with cast and applied twin handles and acanthus feet.
Lovely pierced banding around top edge of bowl.
Very suitable for fruit, bread rolls, or whatever you like.
A great pair of bowls at a fraction of the price of solid silver.
Size-10.75 inches handle to handle; 9 inches long without handles by 6.5 inches wide by 3.75 inches high.
In very good condition.
Ref: 5456
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1853 marked beautifully shaped and heavy Victorian silverplate stilton scoop by very famous maker ELKINGTON.
1853 dated wonderful quality heavy stilton scoop by famous maker Elkington and Company, in the double struck fiddle thread and shell pattern. It is made in a heavy gauge, and is well balanced in the hand.
Stilton scoops were developed to deal with scooping a serving of cheese from a full or half wheel of Stilton cheese. The implement had to be efficient and unable to be easily bent. These were very popular from the mid 1700's to the end of the Edwardian era, and are much desired and prised today.
Elkington, credited with inventing the silver plating process, marks all their silver plate with date codes, hence the accurate dating for this piece. It is has a very unusual shaped curved and pointed scoop, sharp shoulders, and a shell to both the stem and the heel of the bowl on the reverse side. In addition, the stem bears a delightful family crest of a rampant lion holding a crescent moon.
Size-8 inches long by 1.25 inches wide.
Weight-85 grams.
This is a fine quality and very functional Stilton scoop in very good condition, very suitable for giving as a gift with a crock of Stilton cheese and perhaps a beverage of the recipient's choice!
Ref: 5836
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Very good quality large silver plate salver.
Very large silver plate tray or salver made in England in the manner of Old Sheffield Plate.
Cast and applied shaped edges with shell and foliate pattern surround foliate engraved centre.
Very heavy and excellent quality to display decanters, serve drinks or food.
Size-16 5/8 inches diameter.
A lovely and functional salver.
In very good condition.
Ref: 5467
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19th century Victorian lustrous silver plate and ivory pair of large butter knives in the original fitted case.
19th century Victorian pair of silver plate and ivory master sized butter knives in the original fitted case.
The blades are beautifully shaped and engraved with ginkgo and other leaves. Ginkgo is a primitive species which preceded dinosaurs, and is often used for decorating antiques, as it is symbolic of longevity and hope.
The handles are wonderfully carved ivory, in very good condition. The knives are enclosed in their original leather case, lined with striking blue silk and velvet.
Size-8 inches long by 1 1/8 inches wide.
With lovely colour and patina, these are in very good condition, and are wonderful to use for butter, cheese or pate, or to give as a gift.
Ref: 5690
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Late 19th century 3 piece covered butter dish by famous makers James Dixon and Sons.
Lovely covered silver plate butter dish by famous makers James Dixon and Sons, comprising a cover, glass dish and stand.
The stand rests on a flat bottom and has a wide raised edge with beaded edging. The interior holds a shaped cut glass dish with crimped edge, and star cut base. Between the glass and the wide edge is a trough to put ice chips if desired.
The dish is covered by a very attractive lid having leafy engraving and a ball finial.
Size-6.75 inches diameter by 2.75 inches high.
Weight-670 grams.
In addition to butter, this dish would also be useful for caviar, or any other dish that needs chilling.
An elegant dish by very good makers in very good condition.
Wonderful for the Christmas table.
Ref: 5776
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Circa 1940's English 12 piece mother of pearl and silverplate handled dessert set of cutlery in fitted case.
Circa 1940's English mother of pearl and silverplate handled 12 piece (6 pairs) set of dessert cutlery comprising 6 knives and 6 forks, with beautifully carved mother of pearl handles. Blades and tines are stainless.
Contained in the original fitted case, these pieces are in excellent condition, and are also suitable for cheese and butter.
Ref: 4709
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