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London 1813 lovely Georgian period solid silver tea service, made by Solomon Hougham.
London 1813 beautiful English hallmarked solid silver George III period three piece tea service of oblong bellied form, all with matching hallmarks, made by Solomon Hougham, silversmith and goldsmith, of Aldersgate, London. He lived 1746-1818.
All three pieces are beautifully decorated with feathered engraving, as well as foliate repousse decoration (including spout and handle, most unusually), making a very stylish and elegant statement for the table.
All pieces also have cast and applied leafy rims and stand on ball feet.
There are two very delicately scripted initials on each piece.
The teapot has a beautifully shaped silver handle with ivory heat spacers, as well as a large oblong pretty silver finial.
The sugar bowl is supported by twin handles with upturned thumb rests.
The jug has the same style handle.
Both the sugar bowl and milk jug have the original gilt linings.
This is a large sized tea service:
The teapot measures 11 inches long by 6.5 inches high; the sugar bowl is 8 inches long by 4.5 inches high; the jug is 5.5 inches long by 4 inches high.
Weight-the three pieces weigh 1120 grams of silver or 36 troy ounces together.
In very good condition, this is a really lovely tea service, and nearly 200 years old!
Please note that the silver tray shown for demonstration purposes in one photo was listed separately and has now been sold.
Ref: 5425
This item has been sold

Really lovely Birmingham 1932 solid silver three piece tea service made and retailed by HARRODS of London, luxury retailers known worldwide.
Birmingham 1932 solid silver English hallmarked full sized three piece tea service comprising a teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl made and retailed by the famous Harrods of London, famous makers of the most luxurious goods. It bears the makers mark of Richard Woodman Burbridge, the chairman of Harrods, as well as the Harrods retail mark and the registration number 743549.
The circular teapot, jug and bowl are beautifully designed with a raised girdle having a polished band above, and panelled design below, all trimmed with a gadroon edge to rim. The teapot also has a panelled spout. This design catches the light beautifully.
The teapot has a wonderful carved wood handle, and a panel carved finial, while the jug and twin handled bowl are designed with scroll handles. All three pieces stand on stepped pedestal bases.
Size-teapot 9.5 inches wide handle to spout, by 6 inches high by 5.75 inches diameter. Jug-4.75 inches wide handle to spout, 3.75 inches wide without handle, by 3.75 inches high. Sugar bowl-6 inches wide handle to handle, by 4 inches diameter by 2 3/8 inches high.
Weight-600 grams.
A beautifully designed and well crafted tea service by the famous and iconic maker of luxury goods. In very good condition, this will make a wonderful service to own or to give as a gift.
See last photo shown with similar salver listed and sold separately. It is made and retailed by same makers and hallmarked 2 years later.
Ref: 6158
This item has been sold

Chester 1900 very unusual rare solid silver 10 piece travelling tea service plus original solid oak travel case.
Chester 1900 Victorian very unusual English hallmarked solid silver 10 piece travelling tea service of smaller proportions, all contained in the original fitted solid oak velvet and satin lined case. The oak box top would have doubled as a tea table when in transit! So, everything one would need for tea was to hand, and you or a servant would prepare the tea on route.
The set, made by Stokes and Ireland, comprises an ebony handled teapot with ebony finial and hinged lid, a sugar bowl and tongs (Chester 1897), and a milk jug with feathered thumb piece. All three main pieces have a classic style with scalloped edges and stand on tripod cabriole legs. The service also includes six solid silver matched spoons with ebony bean terminals all hallmarked Birmingham 1931.
In Victorian times people of means always travelled with their silver tea services. These services were usually protected by sturdy wood cases. Few have survived.
This is an excellent quality set with a very heavy gauge of silver, and having a good weight of 600 grams.
Size of silver-Teapot 8 inches wide handle to spout, 5.5 inches high, and 4.5 inches diameter. Jug 3.5 inches high, by 3.25 inches wide, by 3 inches diameter. Sugar is 3.75 inches diameter by 2 inches high.
Size of case-12.75 inches wide, by 11.25 inches deep, by 6 inches high.
Chester silver, whose assay office closed nearly 50 years ago, is very collectable in its own right.
A very lovely set, which can be enjoyed and used, and kept protected and tarnish free in its case.
It would make a very special gift, or a great set for the silver collector.
In very good condition.

Ref: 096
This item has been sold

Birmingham 1908 very stylish excellent quality and weight solid silver tea service.
Birmingham 1908 very unusual English hallmarked solid silver 3 piece tea service comprising a tea pot, large sugar bowl and cream jug, all with 10 inwardly curving lobed panels to the body, and with gadroon edges.
The teapot is large, measuring 11.5 inches wide by 6.5 inches high, with an ebony wood handle and finial, and fluted lid and spout.
Maker is William Devenport of Birmingham.
The sugar bowl is 7.5 inches wide by 4.75 inches high, with two silver handles and a gilt interior.
The milk jug is 5.25 wide by 4.25 high also with a gilt interior.
Total weight-1135 grams or 36.5 troy ounces.
This is a silver tea service that stands above the rest, a heavy and wonderful quality service with great style.
A very functional and impressive service in very good condition.
Ref: 0939
This item has been sold

Birmingham 1941 wonderful quality English hallmarked solid silver cafe au lait service.
Birmingham 1941 lovely English hallmarked solid silver 2 piece cafe au lait service comprising a coffee pot, and a jug for hot milk (can also be used for hot water or chocolate), beautifully crafted in baluster form, standing on pedestal bases, and with nicely carved wood handles.
The coffee pot has a hexagonal panelled spout, while the jug has interesting cast detail below the spout.
Made by Thomas Ducrow and Sons.
Size: coffee pot-7 inches high by 6 inches wide; jug is 7 inches high by 5.5 inches wide.
Weight- very heavy at 630 grams.
Very elegant styling.
These are unusual and very versatile and functional. They are lovely to use or to give as a lasting and special gift for an important occasion.
In very good condition, with a heavy gauge of silver and weight, and with clear hallmarks.
Ref: 5043
This item has been sold

Circa 1775 elegant George III period mahogany triple tea caddy with three interior tin caddies and cast brass handle.
Circa 1775 superb Georgian rectangular mahogany triple tea caddy box of typical Chippendale style form, outlined in ebony, with cavetto moulding to the top and having rococo cast brass shell decorated handle to centre of lid, brass edged escutcheon, and standing on shaped bracket feet.
The partitioned interior contains the three original tin caddies with lids (often missing), and a compartment for a caddy or tea spoon. It is lined with paper.
Tea caddy boxes were used to store and mix black and green tea. Tea was an expensive commodity during this period, and would need to have been kept in a locked box to keep it away from the house staff.
Size-9.5 inches long by 5.5 inches wide by 6.75 inches deep.
Weight for shipping-1.6 kilos.
With lovely and shiny patina and colour, this is a rare and unusual caddy box, and a must for the collector, as well as a very decorative antique piece.
In very good condition.
Many solid silver tea caddy spoons and teaspoons are available if desired. Please see listings or enquire.
Ref: 5772
This item has been sold

Circa 1790 wonderful satinwood single compartment octagonal tea caddy box.
Circa 1790 stunning satinwood tea caddy box crossbanded with mahogany, ebony, fruitwood and boxwood, and having a yew panel inset to centre of lid.
It opens to reveal a inlaid edged mahogany cover with pretty turned knob.
The lid, interior, and underside are lined with the original velvet.
Tea caddy boxes were used to store and mix black and green tea. Tea was an expensive commodity during this period, and would need to have been kept in a locked box to keep it away from the house staff.
Size-5 inches long by 3 5/8 inches wide by 4.5 inches high.
With lovely pale colour and beautiful patina, this late 18th century tea caddy box is a rare example for the collector, and a wonderful display piece for any desk or table. The different and contrasting woods make this very attractive.
In very good condition.
Many solid silver tea caddy spoons are available if desired. Please see listings or enquire.
Ref: 5771
This item has been sold

Circa 1915 stunning and very unusual exotic amboyna wood rectangular inlaid humidor or tea caddy with Chinoiserie decoration and detachable cover.
Circa 1915 a lovely and rare rectangular tea caddy or humidor made in exotic amboyna wood, inlaid with ebony and boxwood, and beautifully decorated with gilt and Chinoiserie painted embellishment on all sides and top.
The decoration varies on each side, but comprises people in various activities, a boat, buildings, flowers, trees and a bird.
Most unusually, the cover also fully detaches from its gilt metal clasps to remove completely. The interior and lid are fully lined with tin, and when in the clasped condition, the lid creates a tight protective seal to the box.
The previous owner used this as a humidor to store tobacco or cigars, but it is equally at home as a tea caddy, or just a very decorative box to use for storage or a collection.
Some of the decoration stands proud in relief from the surface, which makes a very tactile and three dimensional presentation.
Size-6.5 inches wide by 5.25 inches deep by 7 inches high.
A beautifully crafted and painted and most unusual tea caddy or humidor in very good condition.
Ref: 5769
This item has been sold

Sheffield 1937 lovely 3 piece tea service by Emile Viner.
Sheffield 1937 very stylish English hallmarked solid silver 3 piece tea service, made by Emile Viner, well known silver maker. It comprises a cylindrical shaped teapot, attractive milk jug with raised thumb piece to handle, and generous sugar bowl, all with moulded bands to top edge, and standing on stepped pedestal feet.
The teapot also has a lovely raised and hinged lid and beautifully carved wood handle and finial.
Weight-830 grams total.
Size-teapot-9.5 inches wide(handle to spout) by 6.5 inches high, by 5 3/8 inches diameter. Sugar-4 1/8 inches diameter by 3 inches high. Jug-5.25 inches wide(handle to spout) by 3 1/8 inches high.
A very nice example of a tea service, that will go with any decor or silver pattern.
In very good condition.
A very good value, and with the rising cost of silver prices, a prudent investment.
Ref: 5856
This item has been sold

19thC stunning all original mahogany double tea caddy with satinwood inlay fan motif to centre and corners, and original mixing bowl.
19th century gorgeous mahogany double tea caddy box with satinwood and olive wood fan inlay to corners and centre. Also with ebony diamond shaped inlay to centre of inner lid.
The interior includes two tea caddies with mirror image flame pattern mahogany to tops, and the original glass mixing bowl inbetween, with pedestal foot.
This came from a large country home in West Sussex, UK, and was in the vendor's family since new.
Size-12 inches by 6.25 inches by 6.1 inches high.
Beautifully crafted caddy, which would have been very expensive when new.
Wonderful colour, condition and patina.
A wonderful opportunity to obtain a complete and original tea caddy in very good condition.
Ref: 5360
This item has been sold

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