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London 1880 solid silver bright cut set of spoons by famous maker GEORGE ADAMS.
London 1880 English hallmarked solid silver stunning set of coffee or tea spoons by George Adams, famous maker, part of Chawner & Co., the most important spoon makers of the mid 19th century.
These spoons are beautifully decorated with bright cut engraving to both sides of the stems, and as well as to the reverse of the bowl, in a charming and very skilful pattern, in the 18th century style. There is a vacant cartouche on the stem, suitable for personalising if desired.
Wonderful spoons for tea or coffee, and sure to be appreciated.
Weight-80 grams.
Size-4 3/8 inches long.
A really lovely and unusual set of spoons in very good condition.
Ref: 5461
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C1890 Victorian Aynsley set of 8 hand decorated gilt and enamel side plates.
Circa 1890 Aynsley, famed makers of china, superb set of 8 gilt and raised enamel hand decorated side plates in very good condition. These are used to serve cake with tea. Other cups/saucers are available in same pattern.
The gilding, colour, and enamel decoration are crisp and stunning.
One plate has a very hard to see non discoloured hairline, while the rest are fine.
Size 7 1/8 inches in diameter.
In very good condition overall, a lovely set of antique china to be used and greatly admired.
Ref: 5248
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Victorian silver plate unusual aesthetic spirit kettle and stand by Mappin, Webb and Co., famous makers.
Victorian unusual silver plate aesthetic naturalistic branch effect spherical spirit kettle and stand. The kettle fits into the stand brackets in such a way that allows pouring to be done by tipping the kettle forward only, without having to lift the hot kettle.
A lovely naturalistic bark and tree branch design makes up the kettle handle and spout, and forms the cast stand and burner as well. The spirit burner keeps the tea warm conveniently, saving trips to the kitchen.
Made by Mappin, Webb and Co., very famous and great quality makers.
An all original kettle and stand, including the spirit burner, which is very often lost over time.
There is some plate wear on a couple of spots.
Size-8 inches wide by 9 inches deep by 12.5 inches high.
A most unusual and complete naturalistic kettle and stand, with great style, by a very good maker, in very good condition overall. Still functional to use for its original purpose, and also a lovely decorative piece to display.
A wonderful value.
Ref: 5056
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C1828 Old Sheffield Plate coffee pot
Circa 1828 lovely Old Sheffield Plate coffee pot by Roberts, Smith and Co. of Sheffield. Overall engraved flower and shell motif to body, with cast shell and scroll feet and finial. Ivory spacers to handle.
Condition is good, with a hint of copper showing through lower body engraving as is usual with age, and one line crease to lower body on one side.
A lovely example with great age.
Ref: 4272
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London 1843 solid silver very handsome tea caddy spoon.
London 1843 early Victorian English hallmarked solid silver caddy spoon with interesting shaped bowl, in very good condition, and with good weight.
Made by Robert Wallis.
Size-3.75 inches long.
Weight-20 grams.
These were used to mix the tea leaves in the mixing bowls of a tea caddy, and then to transfer the leaves to the pot for brewing. Now, can be used for anything.
A very interesting and collectable spoon, which would be a great gift or a nice addition to a collection.
We have many other individual and sets of spoons in inventory, so please contact us with your requirements.
Ref: 4594
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Edinburgh 1902 set of 6 lovely solid silver teaspoons made by Hamilton and Inches, famous makers.
Edinburgh 1902 Scottish hallmarked solid silver teaspoons made by very famous makers, Hamilton and Inches, who hold the royal warrant to the Queen, and are known for their craftsmanship.
They are a generous size, and made of a thick gauge of silver, with a tapering stem, cut brightly to the terminal with a faceted shell pattern, which catches the light beautifully. Below the shell are the lightly scrolled initials of the original owner.
This elegant pattern will go with any other silver, and are a delightful gift on their own.
Size-5 1/8 inches long
Weight of set-120 grams.
A lovely and unusual set of teaspoons, in very collectable and much sought after Scottish silver, made by famous and sought after Hamilton and Inches.
In very good condition and with very clear hallmarks.
Ref: 5881
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Lovely Art Deco period porcelain Noritake tea for two tea service.
Very nice iconic Art Deco period Japanese Noritake porcelain tea for two tea service comprising 9 pieces including: a teapot with lid and stand, two cups with saucers, and a sugar bowl and milk jug, all on footed bases.
The very geometric design of the handles, teapot finial and body shapes are very Deco, but blend seamlessly with contemporary design as well.
The white and cream banded ground is accented with foliate bands, including very charmingly on the interior of the cups and sugar bowl. It is further accented by blue lined decoration and gilt line trim.
Size: teapot-8 inches wide with handle by 5 inches diameter, by 5.5 inches high; saucer-5.5 inches diameter; cup- 4 3/8 inches wide with handle by 3 3/8 inches diameter by 2.75 inches high; sugar bowl-3 5/8 inches diameter by 2 inches high; jug-5 inches wide with handle by 3.5 inches diameter by 2.5 inches high.
All in very good condition, this is a lovely and iconic service by a famous and collectable maker.
Ref: 4220
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19thC Dutch solid silver tea caddy spoon with import English hallmarks for solid silver, Chester 1909, by Boaz Moses Landeck.
Imported into Chester in 1909 by Boaz Moses Landeck, who was an importer of foreign silver. It was then assayed and hallmarked as English solid silver. This lovely shovel shaped caddy spoon or sugar shovel is delightful.
Also bears the original Dutch hallmarks.
Chester silver is very collectable.
The very detailed spoon is designed with a cast stem with windmill design surmounting the shovel shaped bowl having scalloped edges with raised sides and heel of bowl. A repousse design of a man with a donkey (perhaps) in a pastoral setting, with another windmill in the background, makes a very charming scene.
Very good quality spoon.
Size-4 inches long by 1.5 inches wide.
Of thick gauge, this lovely spoon is in excellent condition, is very collectable, but also has a practical use for tea, sugar or whatever you wish.
We have many other individual and sets of spoons in inventory, so please contact us with your requirements.
Ref: 5375
This item has been sold

Birmingham 1947 Art Deco cased enamel and solid silver spoons.
Birmingham 1947 Art Deco set of enamel and solid silver gilt coffee or tea spoons in original fitted case.
Comprises 6 very geometric designed Art Deco spoons, with green and blue enamel herringbone embellishment to stem.
Made by Turner and Simpson.
In excellent condition.
Size-3 7/8 inches long each.
Weight-60 grams.
We have many other individual and sets of spoons in inventory, so please contact us with your requirements.
Ref: 4975
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19thC handpainted Victorian china complete child's nursery tea service for 6 people.
19th century Victorian handpainted china really lovely complete child's nursery tea service for 6 people comprising 20 pieces: teapot and lid, sugar bowl and lid, milk jug, waste bowl, two cake/cookie plates, and six cups and saucers, all decorated with handpainted floral garlands.
All pieces are in very good condition with the exception of one saucer that was previously broken and re-stuck with glue some time ago.
Size: teapot 6.5 inches wide including handle, and 4 inches high. Jug 3.5 inches wide including handle by 3.5 inches high. Sugar bowl 3.25 inches diameter by 3.5 inches high. Cake plates 7 inches wide including handles. Waste bowl 3.75 inches diameter by 2.25 inches high. Cup 3.5 inches wide including handle, and 1.75 inches high. Saucer 4 3/8 inches diameter.
Weight-1.7 kilos.
A lovely and hard to find complete nursery tea service, in very good condition.
A wonderful Christening, birthday or Christmas gift for a child, or a lovely set for the collector.
Ref: 4137
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