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Sheffield 1908 very rare and unusual solid silver Art Nouveau pierced presentation trowel with carved handle by famed maker Harry Atkin.
A most unusual Sheffield 1908 English hallmarked solid silver Art Nouveau sinuous pierced and floral presentation trowel with lovely carved ivory handle, by renowned and collectable maker Harry Atkin.
It is hallmarked on both the trowel itself and the handle ferrule.
The original fitted velvet and satin lined case also bears the retail mark of The Liverpool Goldsmiths Company of 66, Bold St.
It is already very difficult to find such trowels with their original cases. However, the design of this particular trowel, is even more rare to find in that it is pierced with flowing sinuous lines and engraved in a fan shape, with a delicate foliate bright cut design on the front, continuing proud around the border, and plain on the back. A beautiful cast acanthus leaf stands proud at the handle end of the blade and connects the design to the generous carved handle, also carved in a similar fan shape at the top of the stem. Currently not personalised, it is suitable for a personal engraving if desired. I have never seen another of this design. It is also the only pierced or reticulated trowel I have ever seen.
Originally used in the building trade to present at the important occasion of a topping out ceremony when the building was completed. They were normally appropriately inscribed to record the event. This one has not yet been personalised, and could be if you wish.
Today, such trowels are often used to serve cakes, pies and other desserts, in addition to still being used for their original use. One can no longer buy new versions of these trowels to equal the antique craftsmanship.
Size-10.5 inches long by 3 3/8 inches wide.
Weight-180 grams. With case for shipping-650 grams.
A most impressive piece, and a fabulous talking point to own or to give as a treasured gift.
Both trowel, handle and case, are in very good condition, with just some expected fine surface scratching to the blade.
It is a work of art.
Many other solid silver trowels with historical engravings, some including cases, are also in stock, but not listed. Please enquire for details and photos of others available.
If you wish to view or collect this item, please email margi@serpentineinternational.com prior to travelling, to verify its location and availability. Not all inventory is available at the UK location.
This piece is located in the USA, and can be shipped within the country to most US states.
Ref: 6219
Price: £995

Antique solid silver and mother of pearl 24 piece dessert service for 12 people in the original fitted wood case.
A fine set of Sheffield 1919 English hallmarked solid silver and mother of pearl cutlery for 12 (12 pairs of knives and forks), made by very good makers George Howson of Harrison Brothers, in the original fitted oak case and bearing the retailers label for
John Hall and Co of Manchester and Liverpool.
The ferules, fork tines and knife blades are fully hallmarked, and the mother of pearl handles have chamfered edges and are extremely lustrous and translucent.
The edges of the knife blades are discreetly engraved with a simple scallop and dot design, as are the heels of the forks, and the silver ferules.
The forks and knives are well balanced in the hand, and the tines and knife points are still sharp.
The set is housed within the original fitted oak case, with vacant brass cartouche. The case is lined with the original green velvet.
A key is not present.
Size-forks are 6 inches long; knives are 7.5 inches long.
Weight for shipping-4 lbs. 3 oz.
A beautiful set to use to enjoy dessert, cheese, fruit. It will make a lovely addition to your table setting, or a most treasured gift.
A highly desired silver and mother of pearl cutlery service in wonderful condition.
This item will ship from the USA.
Price: £745

Superb London 1830 hallmarked William IV period very unusual round solid silver vinaigrette by famous makers REILY AND STORER.
Wonderful London 1830 William IV period English hallmarked solid silver vinaigrette in round form by famous London silversmiths Charles Reily and George Storer. They were well known for producing very fine quality small silver boxes.
A vinaigrette is a small box that would be used by both men and women, and would contain a small bit of sponge, placed under the pierced grill, which would be soaked in perfume, aromatic vinegar, or smelling salts. The purpose of this was to cope with the bad smells of the time, when sanitation and personal hygiene were not up to par. One would lift the lid and take a sniff, which would temporarily bring some relief. The well to do carried solid silver vinaigrettes, which would fit easily into handbags or pockets. Sometimes they were also included in large fitted complete travelling sets, with other vanity items.
This 3 piece vinaigrette has an air tight fitted lid with lovely scrolled initials on the central cartouche. It is beautifully engraved on all sides, including the bottom. It has a lovely silver gilt interior, and a removable push fit leaf pierced grill with rope twist loop handle. The engraving is very fine. The three pieces all fit tightly and perfectly.
Size-1 5/8 inches diameter by 7/8 inches high.
Weight-heavy at 50 grams.
A fine quality vinaigrette in a seldom found shape and style, beautifully made and weighty, by very good makers, in very good condition.
Ref: 5371
Price: £695

Circa 1905 solid silver large rimmed bowl made by the famous S. Kirk & Son Company of the USA.
Circa 1905 impressive large American sterling silver bowl made by the famous S. Kirk & Son Company of Baltimore, Maryland in the USA. The company was founded by Samuel Kirk in the early part of the 19th century. He was descended from English silversmiths, and his own descendants continued the tradition.
Kirk and Son was known for its fine craftsmanship, and its silver graced the table of White House administrations. The company was combined with the Stieff company, another Baltimore family firm, in 1979, and continues to this day.
This bowl has a tapering edge rim with a thick moulded edge. The sides continue to taper to the flat bottom, having an attractive monogram to centre.
This bowl or dish can be used to serve fruit, bread, or whatever you wish.
It is marked S. Kirk and Son Co. 925/1000. This is exactly the same fineness as English sterling silver.
Size-9 5/8 inches diameter by 2.5 inches high
Weight-450 grams.
This impressive bowl, with good gauge, weight, and clean and classic style, is in very good condition having been professionally polished.
Considering the value of just the scrap weight of this bowl, this is a wonderful value, as silver prices continue to soar.
It will look lovely on the table, or make a great gift.
If you wish to view or collect this item, please email margi@serpentineinternational.com prior to travelling, to verify its location and availability. Not all inventory is available at the UK location.
Ref: 6035
Price: £595

Wonderful Birmingham 1966 solid silver English hallmarked pair of candelabra by famous makers ELKINGTON AND COMPANY.
Birmingham 1966 English hallmarked solid silver pair of candelabra or candlesticks by world famous makers Elkington and Company, with twin branches joined by a curved and fluted member, bell pot candle holders, and standing on a circular footed base.
Weight-395 grams total.
Size- 6 inches wide by 4.5 inches high by 3.25 inches base diameter.
This is a very classic, simple and elegant pair, standing on loaded baize covered bases.
With only one small line mark to one base, they are beautifully made and in very good condition.
These will look lovely on any table, blend with with any silver pattern, and would make an excellent gift, or a treat to keep for yourself. The lower height is perfect to keep views unobstructed across the table.
Ref: 5904
Price: £525

Superb and very heavy ASPREY English hallmarked cast solid silver table bell with owl handle by this renowned maker!
Stunning and beautifully made heavy cast solid silver table or dinner bell with well modelled naturalistic solid owl handle by very famous makers Asprey and Company of London, makers of the most exclusive luxury British goods since 1781. Their goods are made with exacting craftsmanship.
Owls are always popular design features, particularly crafted in silver. Owls symbolise wisdom, as well as wealth and status.
The bell is hallmarked for London 1973, and the original solid silver clapper is also properly hallmarked.
This unusual and lovely hand-made bell has a lovely sound, is very heavy in weight, and unique in its design. It would make an excellent addition to the dining table for fine dining when entertaining, or is ideal for someone unwell to use to summon assistance.
Size-3 3/8 inches high by 2 3/8 inches diameter.
Weight-185 grams (6 troy ounces).
A wonderful piece to own or to give as a gift, and a great piece for the collector of silver, by a very sought after and renowned maker.
In wonderful condition.
Ref: 6054
Price: £495

Circa 1940 sterling solid silver comport by Richard Dimes Co. of Boston, USA.
C1940, American sterling solid silver lovely fluted comport on pedestal base, by Richard Dimes Co. of South Boston, Massachusetts. This company was founded in 1908. He originally started the holloware room of the Towle Company, and eventually started his own business.
Weighing 435 grams, this is a substantial and unusual piece, suitable for dessert, cake, fruit, and cheese.
Considering the value of just the scrap weight of this comport, this is a wonderful value, as silver prices continue to soar.
The beautifully fluted top is 9.5 inches in diameter, and rests on a stepped and flared base.
It stands 3.5 inches high.
This sterling fineness is .925 fine, identical to the silver content of English sterling silver.
Engraved with the date 1940 underneath on the inside of the pedestal, and also with the model number 186.
In very good condition, with just the usual centre surface scratching from serving pieces, this would grace any dinner table or sideboard, and is an excellent investment, given the soaring price of solid silver and the heavy weight of this piece.
Ref: 4758
Price: £475

Lovely tall solid silver pair of candlesticks.
Very nice tall pair of English hallmarked solid silver candle sticks, well crafted in a waisted column style with reeded design to top and base. The weighted base is covered with baize to protect the table top.
Made by W I Broadway and Co. and hallmarked for Birmingham 1972.
The style would blend equally well with antique or modern decor.
Size-10.25 inches tall by 4 inches diameter.
Weight-approximately 1100 grams for shipping.
An elegant and well made pair of candle sticks in very good condition to own or to give as a gift.
If you wish to view or collect this item, please email margi@serpentineinternational.com prior to travelling, to verify its location and availability. Not all inventory is available at the UK location.

Ref: 6159
Price: £475

Beautiful hallmarked sterling silver and cut glass biscuit box or barrel made by famous makers James Dixon and Sons.
Very pretty Sheffield 1934 English hallmarked solid silver and cut glass swing handled biscuit box or barrel by famous makers James Dixon and Sons.
The hallmarks are clear and also include the special mark commemorating the silver jubilee of George V and Queen Mary.
It is unusual to find such items with solid silver mounts, as biscuit barrels are most often found in silver plate, many at higher prices than this sterling silver one! This example has heavy gauged generous mounts with a pull off lid with impressive finial and wide band with swing handle. All silver parts are properly hallmarked including the nut holding the finial to the lid.
The cut glass barrel is beautifully and deeply cut with a combination of bands of leafy slices and diamonds, which catch the light perfectly.
Size-8.5 inches high to top of handle or 5.5 inches high without handle by 5.5 inches wide.
Weight for shipping-heavy at 955 grams.
With two little flea bites to the glass and one tiny mark to the silver band, it is in very good condition overall.
A lovely heavy piece in seldom found solid silver and deep cut glass, made by well known makers. It is very useful for biscuits, dressing table or vanity items, and is a really wonderful value of its kind.
An imposing piece for the table, which would also make a wonderful gift.
Ref: 5978
Price: £425

Sheffield hallmarked solid silver 13 piece dessert or fruit service canteen by well known maker Emile Viner, presented in the original case.
Sheffield 1938 English hallmarked solid silver 13 piece canteen of dessert or fruit spoons and forks by well known maker Emile Viner, in the original fitted case, and retailed by Viner's as well, with some pieces later hallmarked.
Comprises 6 dessert forks, 6 dessert spoons, and a serving spoon. The stems have a threaded edge with a pointed end, a style very evocative of the 30's and 40's, and most popular today with contemporary interiors.
Weight-a weighty 430 grams, silver only. Weight with case for shipping, approximately 1 kilo.
Size-forks, 5.75 inches long; spoons, 5.4 inches long by 1.5 inch wide bowls; serving spoon, 8.25 inches long by 2.5 inch wide bowl.
All are in very good condition, including the original fitted case.
These are a wonderful value as well as a practical item to use or give as a gift. With the soaring prices of solid silver, this canteen represents an excellent investment, even just considering the weight for scrap value alone.
We have many other individual and sets of spoons in inventory, so please contact us with your requirements.
Ref: 5171
Price: £395

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