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Our website was last updated on: 24 October 2018
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Birmingham 1916 solid silver and cut glass dressing table or vanity jar or bottle.
Exactly 100 years old, a Birmingham 1916 large round English hallmarked solid silver topped cut glass dressing table jar or bottle.
It is comprised of a solid silver hallmarked alternating stripe with diamond shape engraved top, having a gadroon edge, and a lovely cut glass multi panel cut body also having horizontal bands, and a star cut base. The silver top and cut glass body were made to be very complementary in style to each other.
Size-3.5 inches high by 3 inches diameter.
Weight-226 grams.
A lovely jar or bottle for dressing table or desk with the combination of fine cut glass and beautiful English silver.
With a few bumps to the silver top, it is in very good antique condition overall and would make a great gift or add to a collection.
Ref: 6033
Price: £100

London 1872 hallmarked silver gilt long condiment/cayenne spoon with cut glass pear handle by George Adams.
Unusual London 1872 English hallmarked solid silver gilt long handled condiment or cruet spoon, likely for cayenne, with cut glass pear handle having panel cut sides and lovely tear drop to centre.
Made by George Adams, famous and collectable maker.
Size-approx. 5.5 inches long.
Weight-35 grams.
In very good condition with some wear to the bowl gilding and minimal wear to the glass handle.
An attractive, unusual, and very useful spoon.
Ref: 6059
Price: £100

20th century American sterling silver handled unusual cake slice.
20th century sterling or solid silver handled unusual cake slice, called a cake breaker in America. The comb like portion of the server is plated. This is made to cut and serve soft light fluffy cakes such as angel food and sponge cakes without crushing or crumbling them as an ordinary knife or slice would. The tines pass easily through the cake and create a nice slice to serve.
With just some light taps to the handle, in very good condition.
Size-11 inches long by 3.75 inches wide.
Weight-135 grams.
This is a lovely and unusual piece to use at the table or to give as a gift, in a fairly plain style, that will go with any other tableware.
Ref: 5838
Price: £100

19th century solid silver Continental sauce ladle.
19th century Continental solid silver .800 marked sauce ladle with lovely leafy edge to stem and deep oval bowl.
Size-7 3/8 inches long by 2.75 inches wide.
Weight-80 grams.
Considering the value of just the scrap weight of this piece, this is a wonderful value, as silver prices continue to soar.
A very nice ladle to use with sauce boat or tureen, and a lovely complement to the dining table.
Ref: 5745
Price: £95

Birmingham 1923 solid silver dressing table set comprising shoe horn and button hook, in the original case, by Lionel Smith and Co.
Birmingham 1923 English hallmarked solid silver lovely dressing table set of silver handled shoe horn and button hook by Lionel Smith and Co.
The handles are waisted in shape, with beaded edges accenting the shape on both sides, while the blades are steel. They are enclosed in the original fitted case having gilt clasps and satin and velvet interior.
Size-6.75 inches long. Shoehorn is 1.5 inches wide.
In very good condition.
These are both attractive to display and still functional to use.
Choose from our selection of several silver handled shoe horns and button hooks listed, and sold separately as well.
Ref: 5722
Price: £95

London 1905 lovely tortoiseshell and solid silver inlaid hair brush by famous maker William Comyns.
London 1905 English hallmarked solid silver and tortoiseshell hairbrush by famous maker William Comyns, renowned maker of such luxury items, which were retailed by Tiffany and other celebrated retailers.
With a leafy gadrooned border, interlinked bands on the edges and intricate solid silver pique inlay including musical trophies and harebells, this is a special piece. The tortoiseshell has wonderful dark and blonde colour, and lovely patina, and is even found on the underside of the hairbrush, a touch only found on the finest pieces.
This is part of a large dressing table set acquired, which includes a large hand mirror, two hairbrushes, two clothes brushes and a comb, if more pieces are desired. See listings.
Size-10.25 inches long by 3.5 inches wide.
Weight-175 grams.
A beautiful piece to use or display, or to give as a great antique gift, made by a superior maker.
In very good condition.
Ref: 6195
Price: £95

Birmingham 1912 solid silver engraved and curved vesta or matchsafe in excellent condition.
Birmingham 1912 English hallmarked solid silver engraved and curved vesta or matchsafe with line engraving, by William Hair Haseler, and with match strike to lower edge.
William H. Haseler were the manufacturers for the London firm Liberty & Company. Liberty insisted on anonymity for its designers.
Vesta cases are airtight cases made to contain short friction matches and keep them safe and dry. They were made in many materials, and some in precious metals like this one, usually with gilt linings, to protect against corrosion from the match heads. They were widely made and used from 1890-1920. Many had a loop attached, like this one, to attach to an Albert chain. Now, they are very collectable and interesting small antique silver items.
This shape, with curved back, was meant to fit comfortably into a vest pocket, curving into the body.
Weight- 25 grams.
Size- 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches.
With tight hinge closure, good weight and very clear hallmarks.
With just some very light surface scratching, this is in very good condition.
Ref: 4298
Price: £88

Sheffield 1916 and 1921 solid silver childs or Christening set.
Sheffield 1916 and 1921 English hallmarked silver silver child's perfectly matching fork and spoon or Christening service, with ribbon edged pointed stems.
Made by Cooper Brothers and Sons, very good makers, these must have been given to a child five years apart, perhaps at Christening and then at a 5th birthday.
Size-6 inches long each.
Weight-70 grams.
Considering the value of just the scrap weight of this pair, this is a wonderful value, as silver prices continue to soar.
In the identical pattern and by the same maker, they are a lovely set in very good condition.
This would be an excellent gift for a Christening, baby gift, or birthday for a child, that the recipient can keep and use all their lives.

Ref: 318
Price: £85

London 1842 solid silver large pair of salt spoons in the fiddle pattern made by Daniel Pontiflex.
London 1842 English hallmarked solid silver pair of large salt spoons by Daniel Pontiflex, in the fiddle pattern.
Size-4 1/8 inches long by 1 1/8 inches wide.
Weight-30 grams.
A large elegant pair of salt spoons in very good condition with very clear hallmarks.
We have many other single, pairs and other salt spoons in stock. Please see listings or contact us with your requirements.

Ref: 4026
Price: £85

Sheffield 1870 Victorian solid silver and cut glass fine quality dressing table jar or soap jar.
Sheffield 1870 English hallmarked solid silver and cut glass very fine quality oval shaped dressing table jar or soap jar.
This would have been used to store and seal a bar of soap, and now makes a wonderful jar or bottle to store anything on table, bath or desk.
With beautiful panel cut glass sides and star cut base to bottom, surmounted by a very finely engraved and heavy gauged silver top, having a lovely vacant cartouche to centre. This would have been a very expensive dressing table piece when made.
Size 3.5 inches high by 3 inches wide.
Weight: 227 grams.
The silver is in very good condition and the glass has some tiny fleabites near where the panels meet the edge of the silver top only.
A wonderful item to use for dressing table or desk.
See listing 0895 for a tall hatpin sized matching jar from same set if two pieces are desired.
Many other dressing table jars are also available. See listings at www.serpentineantiques.co.uk.
Ref: 0893
Price: £79

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