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Our website was last updated on: 18 February 2019
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Birmingham 1903 larger sized vesta matchsafe.
Birmingham 1903 larger sized vesta or matchsafe with striker to bottom, and line engraving to both sides, made by A. and J. Zimmerman.
Vesta cases are airtight cases made to contain short friction matches and keep them safe and dry. They were made in many materials, and some in precious metals like this one, usually with gilt linings, to protect against corrosion from the match heads. They were widely made and used from 1890-1920. Many had a loop attached, like this one, to attach to an Albert chain. Now, they are very collectable and interesting small antique silver items.
Weight- very heavy at 30 grams.
Size-2 inches by 1.5 inches.
This case has been well loved, is in good condition but a bit worn, and priced accordingly.
Ref: 4743
Price: £55

Sheffield 1937 solid silver butter knife by Emile Viner, good maker.
Sheffield 1937 English hallmarked solid silver butter knife by Emile Viner.
Size-6.5 inches.
Weight-35 grams.
In very good condition.
Ref: 1062
Price: £55

Birmingham 1955 solid silver D shaped engraved napkin ring.
Birmingham 1955 English hallmarked solid silver "D" shaped napkin ring with turned over edge and all over engraving inbetween. There is also a vacant cartouche, which is suitable for engraving if desired.
Size-1.75 inches long by1.5 inched high by .75 inches wide.
Made by W. I. Broadway.
Weight-15 grams.
In very good condition, this is a great gift to commemorate an important occasion, or for a child or Christening.
Perhaps a great 60th birthday gift in 2015!
Ref: 5803
Price: £55

Birmingham 1950 solid silver napkin ring with all over engraving and vacant cartouche.
Birmingham 1950 English hallmarked solid silver napkin ring with all over engraving and a vacant cartouche, making it suitable for personalisation of desired.
Nice edge banding completes the design.
Made by W. I. Broadway.
Size-1.75 inches diameter by 5/8 inches wide.
In very good condition, this makes a great gift to commemorate an important occasion, or for a child, or Christening.
Ref: 5805
Price: £55

Birmingham 1921 solid silver napkin ring by Henry Williamson.
Birmingham 1921 English hallmarked solid silver plain napkin ring with flared shape and turned over rim made by Henry Williamson.
This is free of personalisation, but could be engraved as a gift if desired.
Size-1 7/8 diameter by 7/8 inches wide.
Weight-15 grams.
A wonderful and lasting gift for a baby, Christening, wedding or anniversary.
Many other napkin rings, including pairs, are listed. Please see the website.
A pretty napkin ring in very good condition.
Ref: 5758
Price: £49

Birmingham 1934 pair solid silver pastry forks made by E.W. Haywood.
Birmingham 1934 pair of English hallmarked solid silver pastry forks for two, made by E.H. Haywood in the Hanoverian pattern.
A very nice pair of forks that can also be used for relish, pickles, olives, and for serving many other things.
Weight-35 grams.
Size-5 1/8 inches by 5/8 inches.
A versatile pair of forks in very good condition.
Ref: 5471
Price: £49

Sheffield 1898 cast solid silver Victorian fork with beautiful design.
Sheffield 1898 English hallmarked cast solid silver fork, made in a heavy gauge of silver and decorated beautifully in a relief design, suitable for a child or for serving food or relishes.
Made by William Gallimore and Sons.
Size-5 5/8 inches long.
Weight-30 grams.
A lovely and heavy fork, suitable for a gift for an important occasion, Christening, baby gift, etc.
In very good condition.
Ref: 4360
Price: £49

London 1934 Art Deco solid silver and cut glass rectangular dressing table jar by Alexander Clark & Company.
London 1934 Art Deco period English hallmarked solid silver rectangular cut glass dressing table jar, made by Alexander Clark and Company.
This jar has a heavy gauged engraved silver top, with gilt interior, and initials to centre, and a cut glass base.
There is a small edge chip on corner at the top of one edge.
Once used in travelling dressing table sets, this is now a perfect jar for dressing table or desk, to hold jewellery or other bits. The style makes it perfect for either a man or woman.
Size-6.5 inches tall by 1.25 inches wide by 1 inch deep.
Weight-135 grams total, 15 grams silver.
In good condition.
See listings for 3 similarly shaped jars from another set, without personalisation.
Ref: 4113
Price: £49

Sheffield 1909 unusual solid silver feeding spoon by MARTIN AND HALL.
Sheffield 1909 unusual English hallmarked solid silver feeding or child's spoon with deep egg shaped bowl, by famous makers Martin and Hall, and made in the Old English pattern.
Size-5 inches long by 2 inches wide (bowl)
Weight-35 grams.
In very good condition, with just tiny marks to heel of bowl.
Very clearly struck hallmarks, and by a very good maker.
Excellent for serving cream and sauces.
Please see listings for a cased set by the same maker, and including a pusher as well. It is heavier and more embellished.
We also have many other individual and sets of spoons in inventory, so please contact us with your requirements.
Ref: 5064
Price: £48

London 1826 solid silver heavy fiddle pattern spoon by very good maker William Eley.
London 1826 English hallmarked solid silver heavy fiddle pattern dessert spoon by very good maker William Eley, also with interesting journeyman marks.
Weight-50 grams.
Size-6 7/8 inches long.
As seen in photos, the bowl shows some marks of use over nearly 200 years of use.
A heavy spoon, in a thick gauge of silver in good antique condition, and priced at a very good value.

Ref: 5414
Price: £48

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