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1872-English very large antique leather bound embossed leather unique family bible.
1872-antique very large embossed and gilt English leather King James version folio sized family bible, the property of Augustus Robert and Ellen Goff (nee Goodchild) who married in High Wycombe in 1871.
Tightly bound in full black calf with both blind and gold stamped elaborate decoration to boards and hubbed spine.
The Universal Family Bible with with explanatory notes and references from Henry, Brown, Scott, Kitto, Clarke and Co.
With some colour illustrated pages, and numerous high quality finely engraved black and white plates, and including a handwritten family registry.
Roman font.
Leather book plate with owner's names to inside cover (increases collector interest and therefore value), marbled end papers to front and back, and lovely patinated gilt edges to pages. With ribbon page marker.
Some minimal foxing and fingerprints to some pages.
Front and back leather covers are decorated in the same ornate manner.
Over 1200 pages.
A very unique and impressive large antique family bible to use or display. Very readable.
Size-15.75 inches long by 12 inches wide by 4.5 inches deep.
Weight-approximately 9.3 kilos.
In very good condition.
Ref: 5257
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1873, made in Rouen, France, a carved ivory bound Paroissien or prayer book.
Made in 1873 in Rouen, France, a Paroissien, an unusual carved ivory bound prayer book or missal for Sunday mass, devotional exercises and holy days. The pages have gilt edges.
With 871 pages total, and a number of black and white plates, it has a relief carving on the front cover of a communion chalice and host, surrounded by leaves, within an oval frame.
In good condition, the cover is completely bound in ivory on both sides and spine. It is slightly loose but intact. The end pages are marbled paper. The top portion of the gilded clasp is missing. There is also foxing to some pages.
Likely to have been a gift for a First Holy Communion, this is a very attractive and unusual item, and an excellent value.
Size-4 7/8 inches high by 3.5 inches wide by 1 3/8 inches deep.
The text is French.
A very charming book, with wonderful colour and patina. It will be lovely to either use or display on desk or table.
Ref: 5040
This item has been sold

1891-1901 solid silver hallmarked chain mail miser's purse with import marks from the former Austro-Hungarian Empire.
Austrian-Hungarian hallmarked solid silver chain mail miser's purse from the former confederation of Austria-Hungary, also known as the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which only existed for 51 years, from 1867-1918, when it was dissolved following military defeat in WWI.
The import hallmarks accurately date this to the ten year period 1891-1901.
The push button clasp on the curved and engraved frame, also having a hanging loop, opens fully, and has the chain mail attached to it securely.
This is in very good condition, a beautiful shape, and is quite a collectable and attractive solid silver item.
Size-4.5 inches by 2.5 inches.
Great for the collector of novelty silver, purses, and Austro-Hungarian memorabilia.
Ref: 0868
This item has been sold

1895- silver watch fob
1895 solid silver watch fob in form of 8 sided star, in excellent condition.
Inscription to back for 1st prize in calesthenics.
Approx. size without loop- slightly over 1 inch wide in each direction.
Ref: 4802
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18th century Dutch hand wrought brass oval engraved tobacco box.
18th century (before 1750) Dutch hand wrought oval brass tobacco box with all over engraving, and profound textual expression.
Dutch makers specialised in engraved boxes with common subjects such as humorous scenes of smoking, drinking, sports, domestic life, ships and sailors. The Netherlands was one of the biggest traders in tobacco and related products.
Both lid and base are engraved with scenes flanked by text, and outlined by moulded bands.
The text reads:
Eerder met een span
is oost en west te raken
als dat men alle man
kan pas en maken
This translates to:
It is easier to connect east and west with a bow than to satisfy everyone.
The balance of the box is all over engraved with lines and feathered decoration.
The hinge is strong and very decorative, and the box closes firmly.
Size-5.5 inches long by 3 inches wide by 1.5 inches high.
This tobacco box is a very good size and weight, having a thick gauge of brass, and no damage or repairs. The centre portion of the engraving is a bit worn from age and use. The colour and patina is beautiful, and feels wonderful to hold.
A great addition for the collector of brass, boxes, novelty items or antique smoking requisites.
In very good overall condition, this is a lovely example of an early tobacco box.
Ref: 5664
This item has been sold

18th century Dutch unusual display cabinet on stand.
18th century Dutch unusual painted solid wood display cabinet on stand with three glazed sides and double doors.
With original glass and lock and key, this unusual piece is suitable for display with storage below, for any room. It is painted off white on the exterior with gilt embellishment, and blue on the interior, but could be changed to any colour or stripped.
Typical Dutch top with arched moulded cornice having carved detail to centre, interesting shaped glass doors to front, and arched glass to sides that echo the shape of the cabinet. The piece flares out wider from front to back. There are two fixed and shaped shelves to the interior.
The whole sits over spiral carved turned legs united by a stretcher shelf below, and stands on bun feet. The lower section can be used for electronic equipment display or even stacks of towels and linens, while the upper section can be used for display of any kind.
Size-41.75 inches wide across back, and 31.5 inches wide across front. 66 inches high to top of arch. 15.75 inches deep.
There is one small crack to the upper glass on one side panel. The glass is fully intact and strong.
A very unusual and decorative piece with great age, as well as being very functional. A great free standing piece for a bathroom to use for towels, linens, oils and potions. Or a wonderful piece to display any collections, or to use for glass or china storage in dining or living room.
In very good antique condition overall, and with great age.
Complete with original key.
Ref: 4893
This item has been sold

18th century Edinburgh 1791 hallmarked pair solid silver table spoons by William Robertson.
Pair of Edinburgh 1791 lovely and simple solid silver table spoons or serving spoons, in very collectable and much sought after Scottish silver, made by William Robertson, Georgian maker of flatware, in the point pattern.
With broad curving rounded point stems, and large bowl, these will go beautifully with any other tableware.
Size-8 7/8 inches long by 1 7/8 inches wide.
Weight-125 grams total.
A very nice pair of 18th century Georgian Scottish silver serving spoons in very good condition, and very functional as well.
Very collectable.
Ref: 5875
This item has been sold

18th century London 1791 solid silver hallmarked sherry decanter label.
Lovely Georgian London 1791 English hallmarked solid silver bottle ticket or decanter label beautifully pierced with the word sherry. Includes full hallmarks with the makers mark partially rubbed.
Such labels were very popular to use in this period and are now still usable and highly collectable, particularly 18th century examples.
The oval label is a nice weight, and has a gadroon edge and heavy typical Georgian chain.
Size-1 5/8 inches long without including chain.
This is a very nice seldom found 18th century period silver label in very good condition. It would make a great label for the collector, or to give as a gift.
Ref: 6055
This item has been sold

18th century London 1796 Georgian solid silver shell bowl caddy spoon.
London 1796 English hallmarked solid silver elegant shell bowl caddy spoon made by Henry Green during the reign of King George III.
Size-3 inches long by 1.5 inches wide.
Weight-15 grams.
These spoons were used as part of the business and ceremony of tea making to carefully mix the tea leaves in the mixing bowls of a tea caddy, when tea was a very expensive commodity. Then the leaves were transferred to the pot for brewing. Now, they can be used for anything, for example sugar or sauces.
We have many other individual and sets of spoons in inventory, so please contact us with your requirements.
This is a lovely and simple shell bowled Georgian example, and is in very good condition, with just a few signs of use in its 216 years of life. It is very unusual to find 18th century examples.
Perfect for the novelty silver or spoon collector.
Ref: 5537
This item has been sold

18th century lovely Birmingham 1786 Georgian solid silver double snuff box.
Birmingham 1786 George III period English hallmarked solid silver very unusual double lidded snuff box enclosing two gilded separate compartments.
Made by William Pugh, known for making snuff boxes, vinaigrettes and caddy spoons.
Fully hallmarked on all four sections-on the underside of each lid, and inside each bottom section.
The top of the snuffbox is overall foliate and scroll engraved with wiggle work bands, and has two blank cartouches. The jewellers hinge in top middle, beautifully concealed by laurel leaves, must have been made by a specialist hinge maker. It is still in perfect working condition. The lids seal quite tightly.
The waisted sides also have wriggle work engraving.
Size 3 inches long.
Weight-85 grams.
The reverse is engraved with a beautiful acorn and oak leaf design.
In the original 18th century gilded interior, the underside of one lid is engraved with a 1938 inscription with what I believe to be a cricket connection. "To Critch, Surrey Championship, May 6, 1938." This must have been quite a prize even then!
A very unusual and lovely piece in very good condition, with the only barrier to calling it excellent condition, being that the top decoration is not quite as crisp as new after 223 years!
Wonderful addition to a collection of small silver items or rare snuff boxes.
Ref: 5186
This item has been sold

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